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Official Youtube Videos Thread

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asmcint    279

Most accurate thing in the history of accurate things. Edited by asmcint

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KeroPearhart    385

I remember hearing this on the show replay online the same day, and by the end of the week this clip was everywhere.

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dis r teh noo nashunal athum tht me, obama, r gunna maik ofishul b5 i leev offise. plz enjoi!!





kerrekshun: dis syt r gay. plz jst clik teh link b low


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MasterFux    390

The first panoramic Youtube video I've seen. If any of you guys find others, feel free to link. Edited by MasterFux

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Lynx OGrady    406

-Vidya snip-


Completely legitimate question here, What movie is the war scene from?


EDIT: After some very deep, investigative research that spanned months (I looked in the comments of the video) the movie is Oba, The Last Samurai (2011)


Edited by Lynx OGrady

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