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Thread de Fatty

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Sen    0



If you like T-Rex's then here's something for ye.


Screw cats, dinos are the cutest things ever, right next to spiders! 8D

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That's what Skype is for.

No! I want everyone to be involuntarily showered in cute things BECAUSEFATTY!







It was meant to be.

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Ben_Elegy    13

r i doinitrite guis1!?11!?1one/


He's thinking "Just wait bitch, then I'll put you in a box"



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Niiyu    1234

This thread is making my head implode. So. Much.


af;lskjdf9234j;lkj;lasd !!!!


"Niiyu - Died at 5:56 Cause: Cats/Cuteness/Cuddles"

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