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Team Avolition

Fatty's significant other. :)

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[4:49:09 PM] Fatty: D



That's the last thing I've had from her. D:


i can but im not an woman

That's alright we can get past that part in time.


And the murdered my previous wife part.

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i murdered an pizza today

am i banished for life?

Au contraire, we shall live a very happy life together.


You're not backing out of this now Nylon. You said your vows. Well you said okay.

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There is a slight technical hitch insofar as it turns out you didn't actually murder her but the path of true love never ran smooth.

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Nylon    3

it would been smaller but theres no smaller font size

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This thread is now about how rk cheated on me with someone called Lovely. :c

My stats disagree:


7% rk cheating on you with Lovely

22% my arrival on the forum

31% breadcats

40% my marriage with Nylon (which is flourishing by the way, thanks for asking)

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