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Hello! I'm Faren22, and some of you may remember me as an administrator of the LSS, a minor Minecraft server that the fine members of Team Avolition decided to grief!


I honestly created this account because I keep being reminded that the server was griefed by some rather enthusiastic Youtubers, and I wanted to set the record straight that I hold no grudge. I still think griefing is pretty douchey for the most part, but I don't feel any pressing need to try to interfere.


I also wanted to say I'm impressed with the site design - much better than the old one - and I wanted to clarify that I actually wasn't in charge of the server! I was just the one who mouthed off :)


Anyway, hopefully this will be a good introductory post. First impressions are important, though in this case it's more like second impressions, I suppose.

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