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Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

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So I play on nerd.nu regularly, every day to be exact. I was wondering if there is anybody here that also plays on nerd.nu. The only one that I have been playing on lately is c.nerd.nu, their creative server. It's amazing that after all these years (and the griefing by, certain individuals *cough cough*) that this server is still going to this day. Nerd.nu is one of the oldest Minecraft servers out there, with 2b2t holding the title for the oldest server.  This server has changed SO much since those days.


Anyway, if you do play on nerd,nu, what server do you frequent?


The nerd.nu lobby today:


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Puddleduck    864

I played on the survival server for a while a few years ago but found it pretty cancerous so I didn't stay on there much more than a few weeks.

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sixfivejay    2

I play on s.nerd.nu a lot. The people there are nice and aren't really that bad. I've already got myself a little base with a garden and whatnot. I haven't actually visited their creative server yet. Didn't really think anyone else played there that were from Avolition's Forums.

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