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PigHunter    301


Also gun general.


IMG-20181116-093336.jpgTactical assault fully semiautomatic SKS.


She's been beat and abused by her former owner. Bubba got his hand on the SKS. They drilled and tapped the receiver for that scope mount, swapped out the beautiful wooden stock for a wobbly archangel stock, took off the bayonet lugs, and modified the magwell to fit a 30 round mag. Not to mention the neglect. Still fun as shit to shoot, 7.62 makes a fairly loud bang with big holes. Cheap to shoot too when I feed it yugoshit surplus ammo.


I also have me a CZ455 trainer in .22lr.




This thing is fucking wonderful. Shoots better than I'll likely ever be able to. The bolt cycles super smooth, the sights are quite nice for stock irons, and the adjustable trigger is crisp and consistent. The trainer also happily eats the garbage diet of cheap ammo I give it happily. This is the gun I take to the range every week. My beat up SKS is largely just for new shooters I drag to the range with me. I highly highly recemend this gun if you're looking for your first long gun. It's worth the extra $100 of comparable competitors as everyone I know who shoots rifles still shoots their .22lr. Everyone from the oper8tor to the fudd. It's a great round.


Also gun general.

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Puddleduck    865

I use one of these, but it isn't personally mine.




I've also passed a weapons handling test for a flare gun, which is neat.

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