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BadComoc    0

Hi, I'm BadComic (or BadComoc).

I'm not a very interesting person so I don't really have much to share about myself.

I'm an Australian beginner programmer. I want to create games and such. That's really the only thing about me.

I joined these forums because I remember enjoying the videos that were made around 2011-2012 and I didn't realize there was a community forum 'till now.

It's pretty awesome to see how this community is still held up after all these years.

So, yeah. Hi.

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Hi BadComoc, nice to meet you, you might not be interesting but don't worry, your beautiful personality will make up for it. 




1:09 AM
Who isn't hard for zuckerberg


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wanted to add something

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Dabato    3

I mean of course you are boring, YoU'rE aProGrAmMeR. What kind of a faggot becomes a programmer? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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