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The make fun of rakiru game

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Asp4yxiat10n    430

As my good friend Rakiru has informed me, she has become bored with her moderating duties as the porn section no longer exists so his power only remains in the forum games section.

To help alleviate their woes I propose we all make a game of making fun of our beloved welsh/scottish/irish/whatever using at most ten words.

Rakiru is a faggot, they smell like Tony Abbott

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revan114    1186

There are many many underrated characters in anime.

A very good example of which is the anime character Rakiru from the popular shonen anime Team Avolition.com.

Rakiru is one of the most powerful Anime shonen characters ever. Seriously. Goku fucking ain't shit. Not only that, but I bet that he's so powerful he could probably beat fucking Skeet from Jimmy Neutron in a one on one battle. I mean look at it this way

Image result for skeet jimmy neutron

Skeet's power level is about 400,000,000 kilis according to the Columbine arc of Jimmy Neutron, and when Skeet went Super Skeet 4 to fight Eric and Dylan's fused state, Eranbold, he had a power level of about 3,600,000,000,000 according to the official Dakinshiztu of the Jimmy Neutron canon universe. Eranbold had a power level of 7,600,000,000,000, and they STILL lost to Skeet, but I think that Rakiru could still fucking pull a win against Skeet. How you might ask?

Well, Rakiru's normal power level is a pathetic 100. That's like, fucking cowboy with shotgun in dragon ball z level of power. That's fucking shit. Rakiru ain't fucking got nothing. Rakiru's a fucking pussy bitch.

But, what gives him a massive edge over opponents is his moderator ability. If you get Rakiru into a section he is a moderator in, he will fucking have his power level moon to heights that allow him to just flat out fucking shut down the entire god damned section, and fucking stop them dead in their tracks. Rakiru could lure Skeet into the Forum games section, the only place he is a moderator in since the fucking writer of the anime Sirenfal decided that Rakiru was too strong and had to be nerfed by removing the other section he was fucking mod in, and he could just freeze him there forever with his mod powers.

I think Rakiru could probably use this method on fucking Mr. Sweeney of god damn Ned's Declassified


Mr. Sweeney can go shove that stick up his ass because Rakiru is going to freeze him and fucking lock his shit down motherfucker.

I think the only person who could stand a chance against Rakiru is the anime character Red Shaggy.


If Shaggy goes Super Shaggy Blanco, and Rakiru isn't in his moderator form, then that would be a fucking very unbalanced fight in Shaggy's favor I fear.

Another way Rakiru could lose is if Eric Harris uses his Super Natural Selection form.


Anyways that's all for this anime character analysis.

fuck you.

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PigHunter    301

Rakiru is a cute girl but has a penis.
That's the best compliment I could think of.

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Saltiren    73
On 12/16/2017 at 6:31 PM, revan114 said:


Lost it at Red Shaggy, great shitpost

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dejordzta    1687

I would, but I have better things to do with my time. Such as scratch my ass or see how long I can spin this fidget spinner for...

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revan114    1186
1 hour ago, rakiru said:

Now, do I close this, because


and that's the whole point, or leave it open because it's the only hint of life in this section and I desperately crave remotely positive attention?


Bonus thinking because slightly NSFW and we don't seem to have spoilers any more?


wow rakiru i bet you havent had to think about closing a thread in a long time huh

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