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I put a nice camo paint job on my rifle

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DrRaiku    109

Normally we have people that one of their jobs is camouflage but the way they do it ends up looking like something out of toy story.

So i did the camo myself with spray paint. 

let me know what you think!


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majesty327    206

Not to offend but it looks like you scraped the fiberglass with a piece of sandpaper of varying roughness and thickness.

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DrRaiku    109
On 12/7/2017 at 12:04 AM, Dabato said:

It would be cool but I'm not gay

It looking cool is secondary... fact of the matter is when in the mountains it's quite effective in camouflage 

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doofus    1

airsoft is for western people. russians play with real guns

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