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What scam have you fallen for?

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What is the worst scam you or a friend have fallen for, funniest scam, or maybe a horrifying scam??

Could be IRL, Computer related, Phone Whatever. Thinking it would be interesting.

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Remy    307

Someone told me that eating 2 bananas and 2 cans of Sprite when you're drunk cures your hangover in the morning.








It didn't cure my hangover.

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Risingbreak    7

Buying currency for a F2P game from a 3rd party site at a reduced price, only to have said game suspend my account a month later until my balance stops being a negative value.

So much for my clan-mates constantly shouting at me how "legit" it was. They stopped that when they got suspended as well. 

I have yet to buy back in.

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Asp4yxiat10n    430

That the way to solve all the world's problem isn't by heavily investing in pussy infrastructure. 

Corporal Ray Person enlightened me only recently.


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Repost    379

I used to get scammed a lot when I was a little kid on MapleStory :( I lost my throwing stars.

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