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Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

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majesty327    206
12 hours ago, blind7125 said:

I joined these forums when I was about 16-17  in 2012. I stumbled into here when googling for information about Minecraft hacks. I joined, asked some questions, and just stuck around I guess. Living in the middle of nowhere, being here helped open a social circle I couldn't, and provided a small escape from my mother's raging narcissism.  As previously stated, I always wanted to learn about programming, but like everything I couldn't maintain the motivation to practice. Simply having the vent where I could be around people that did program helped me continue working when I normally would have fizzled out. 


I met my wife, Starberry_sundae, here on the forums. I fucking packed my shit up and moved out to Arizona because of the relationships I built on the forums. Many of the good things that have happened in my life, started with conversations I had with the people here. Who would've thunk some online forum would change my life so drastically, and for the better. I've tried finding other online communities, but nothing has ever quite had the faggotry displayed here. 

Oh shit. You and Bre got married?

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rakiru    2713
8 hours ago, generic said:

(not since I frequented Mumble has my laptop been this full of literal cancer) , and I just moved across the country a couple days ago to start a PhD in Bioinformatics.

I'm happy to have helped inspire your career path.

Edit: Also, congrats blind and starburry! I didn't know you guys had gotten married.

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DrRaiku    109

I first joined for similar reasons to many of the other users here. I enjoyed playing Minecraft and stumbled upon one of team avolitions  videos.  One Google search and I ended up here. Registering an account and proceeded to get a reputation for all of the wrong reasons.


By my own fault, I was easily one of the most hated and made fun of users for good reason. I left the forum realizing I truly made a fool out of myself and decided to focus only on school.

Skip forward a few years and it's 2013, I'm in Israel on a trip during the war with hamas in the Gaza strip. Unfortunately a few of my friends who were soldiers fell during that summer... I spent the next two years studying psychology in Tel Aviv  university and decided to put my studies on hold.

I wanted to help defend my adopted country and my people. I started into the Israel Defense Forces. 

Aside from the insane amount of running and physical testing we had to do on the daily, I'd have to say the hardest part of it all was the mental aspect. I joined the army barely knowing the language, and essentially some young adult that didn't know his ass from his head. 

The army forced me to grow up and mature at a very fast rate. Preparing me and training me on how to become a warrior. After all of my training I couldn't believe I actually completed it all! I was on cloud nine ?. 

I'm currently a sergeant and getting released in less than a year!! 

I've honestly completely changed as a person and I'm proud to say I've achieved all of this knowing that I was a fuckhead not too long ago.


TL;DR I grew up.

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