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Team Avolition

Where did team avocado guacamole?

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Qwonny    51

it's not worth jumping off bridge. they might come back with tortilla chips. it is worth the wait

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Legion    543

They're too busy learning how to Salsa

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117    17

last i heard

I think Storm is doing studying and working.

Krysk is on this site all the time.

last i heard from Unkowngamer he is still dying (As of a Month Ago but i hope still alive)

Warchamp has tried to do his own thing but people keep asking about Team Avocado lol.


and Avo streamed like a month ago so they are still active.

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dejordzta    1687

that reminds me I should make a team avocado shirt....


(just because you didn't get your security reseacher™ shirt Krysk #butthurtextreme)

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