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agrecascino    3

You know that feeling when you look back on yourself, maybe not even a year back and all you feel is PAIN. Pain not as in "Oh shit, someone punched me", but pain as in "Holy shit, was I really this retarded?". A few minutes ago, I searched my username on google, for the hell of it, and saw a picture from a post I made here. It was a poorly drawn rainbow(made in autodesk sketchbook express) with the words "fuck art, kill youself you faggot", and all I felt for that instant was PAIN. I remember doing really stupid shit like harassing Syphist, and making "Memes: the introduction", because I somehow thought that was funny. Anyway, I guess the whole point of this thread is to say sorry for shitting up the site.

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Keit1h    8

Story time.


I remember I pretty much went AWOL from the internet after I trolled some script kiddie forum by uploading stuff saying I made it, (typical skid stuff just to mess with them, seems pointless now that I look at it) as well as just general trolling and acting like a retard.


I look back at it with huge regret because I remember some kids leaked my IP at the time, but the problem was I never thought anyone would take it that seriously or get that mad, because there was even a group of people who picked up on the fact that I was a troll so, to me it was just a joke. The problem was I seemed to get a lot of people butthurt because had dozens of skids DDoSing me. I just reset my IP though and all was fine. The problem was, the skids kept targeting me outside of that forum (even leaked my IP again, but I just reset it lol), so I knew I had a problem on my hands. My solution? Go AWOL. To make things easier, I never really posted any info or anything about myself on the internet, let alone anything tied to that username so, I pretty much just abandoned all accounts and aliases I had with that name and started fresh. I only lost like a minecraft account and some other accounts on some sites. It wasn't a huge loss but it still wasn't worth it now that I think about it.


The lesson is, don't troll script kiddie forums. There's many gullible and easily butthurt people on there. And if you're going to do it, don't use an account name you use for other stuff. And use a proxy. If I hadn't have made those mistakes, it probably could have just been a fun time messing with the skids who think they're cool because they can leech a free booter on a hacking forum.


Now that I think about it, I also pretended to speak really poor English just to mess with people even more. I still have some old emails on one of my abandoned email accounts from that site too, laughing my ass off right now. The only people who weren't butthurt were the people who knew I was a troll, the people who were trolls themselves and the people who were like 12 and did the exact same shit that I did.

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zee    641



You off probation? It's been a while.


Ye, and will be for years to come. Not a big deal though, "probation" in Finland isn't like in the US. I can travel freely and whatever, I've basically moved out of the country already.

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PigHunter    301

Ye, and will be for years to come. Not a big deal though, "probation" in Finland isn't like in the US. I can travel freely and whatever, I've basically moved out of the country already.

Please do some funny shit. All the shit you pulled back in the day was hilarious.

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