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Developing a Flash Game(Need opinions)

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azami    816

So there was this old flash multiplayer shooter called Pawngame that I used to play back in early 2007. Long story short it used to be super popular but was eventually shut down. Recently within the past week or so I've gotten development rights to the game and have been working on a lot of content. One of the big ones I've done is updating the game from 24fps to 60fps, and will be working on more stuff like netcode.


I wanted you guys to try it out, since you generally give good advice on where to go with it. It's an oooold game keep that in mind but it has unlimited potential. You don't have to register an account to try it out, you can just open the game and play as a guest but your stats will not be saved. It isn't extremely active atm so sorry if you hop on and find no matches :(


Just need some advice from a bunch of new players perspectives.




Here's a video about some gameplay on a future update which just happened today



Thanks, I know it's need of a lot of updating to be 2015 level. Just bear with me.


edit: You can find me online as Azami or my alt account MemeBlaster

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Syphist    1415

Maybe add a single player mode against bots so we can give it a go if no one is on? I would love to try out a 60 fps flash game.

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azami    816

Maybe add a single player mode against bots so we can give it a go if no one is on? I would love to try out a 60 fps flash game.


Yeah there was a plan to do that for a little tutorial mode. It would take a while however :P I'm amidst re-writing a lot of the code... 2007 era was a dangerous place to be.

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AmericasHat    26

As someone who was taught to program in AIR, ActionScript 2.0, I would highly recommend you take your knowledge and apply it to swift (object-oriented, "C" Family Language) for ios/mac gaming. The language is cleaner while still being similar to AIR/Java and cleanest and easiest of the three. If you don't have a mac, Java is good for Android and Windows, etc., and Go is good for the internet.


You have the logic required to start making more refined programs/games on platforms that you can potentially make money with if you get somewhat good at them. Do whatever suits your desires, and be sure to research all of them for their various pros and cons. I used to use game editors, map editors, and various other tools to make simple games and all of the logic is the same with the syntax for each language and how they interact with their environments being the largest differentiator. There are a lot of simple IDEs, and some specifically for gaming, for most of the languages listed. Take an hour to look for some. Another thing to look into is Unity, there are 2D versions that you can quickly rebuild what you have with and potentially have it on nearly all mobile devices. I believe one even taps into the 3D graphics chips for additional processing and other things to a 2D game.


Good luck, and good job so far.

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