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revan114    1186

I've barely watched any documentaries, like I can't remember the last one I watched, but I'd like to get more into them, and then I remembered that there is a film section on this site...


So here's a documentaries thread.


I'm going to watch The Endurance, it's supposedly one of the most miserable human exploration stories ever to exist. Some guys get their ship stuck in the arctic. Narrated by Liam Neeson.


What are you going to watch/have watched?

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Meowingtons    100

Now that you mention The Endurance, I might actually watch that. I've seen a ton of documentaries in the past but the ones that really stand out are ones narrated by David Attenborough; they really are great. However, I think I probably have some obligation to mention a love for David being a Brit.

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MasterFux    390

Anything narrated by Morgan Freeman, my favorite being his cover on the War on Drugs. Good shit.

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Flash    488

Watch The Act of Killing, its a documentary on the culture surrounding the killing of the Chinese in Indonesia.

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honuchu    112

Hoop Dreams, if you haven't already, is pretty much universally considered the best documentary that has been made. It follows a couple black kids in high school trying to make it big in the NBA. Deals with a bunch of social justice issues and is honestly just super enthralling to watch.


Detropia is a personal favorite of mine, showing the decline of Detroit through the eyes of three residents. Not much narrative, mostly diegetic stuff straight from what the camera is hearing on location.


Meru definitely tops my favorite as of now; it's won quite a few awards and nominations during this year's film festivals. I caught it in a theater near my hometown, and if you're super interested you can look for a theater near you! I've been looking for a link to show my friends, but I haven't found any results yet.


Cartel Land is the number one on my "to watch" list. I've been told it's a narrative on Mexican drug cartels that changes perspectives between both US military and Mexican citizens.

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blind7125    1924

Documentaries are all I've been watching lately. Planet Earth is a must see (uncompressed blu-ray if you can find it. Those caves tho.), Life by BBC, Human Planet, How We Got to Now, various TED Talks, Vietnam in HD, WWII in HD, Particle Fever, the Inexplicable Universe, and many others.

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