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Hey fellow aVo, I found a minecraft server that, I think, Jade and Krysk would LOVE to grief. Its IP is: -snip-


They don't have Big Brother, and almost everything is unprotected, with the exception of chests and some admin towns. it is a Christian server and everyone is super chill. So personally, I would enjoy you guys hitting it.


I know that in order to make a video, TONS of time and effort must go into editing and coding. Also, I do respect that it would have to be a time that everyone had time, so I respect the decisions to not only skip over this, but to turn it down.


Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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lkgddr    251

tbh if the people on there are chill it would be a dick move to grief them

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majesty327    206

You aren't very bright, are you? If you had spent 15 seconds looking over our forum headings, you would've seen this.


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CARVERitUP    4995

Please do not publicly post IPs. If you want Avolition to grief a server, use the Server Submissions section of the forum.

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