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GRIEFING on a server

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hello iam Atla and i would like a few people from Team Avo to help me grief -snip- just email me -snip- for times and cordination and my skype is available apon request. ALSO IF YOU HAVE A CLIENT THAT ALLOWS YOU ACCESS TO GMC YOU ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE.ALSO IF YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND OR SKYPE WE ALL CAN UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO YOUTUBE. just email me and we will go from there.

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Meowingtons    100

Hey! I used to moderate on that server, I'm still in contact with the owner (Pendar2). Thanks for the intel!

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It annoys me how often people join and drop an IP in the wrong section when they could have taken 30 seconds to look and see there is a subforum for this.

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Krucien    8

Or you could just you know.... Leave the server that sounds good to me.

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