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Wko    0

Learned ages ago about Avo, but never knew a site existed. From then I've found ways to make games even more exciting and fun haha! Thinking about learning how to code a bit. A few people have told me Java, so i'm open to anyone giving me suggestions on what is easier to learn and is useful. I play MC and League most of the time. Sorry my introduction isn't very good, i'm terrible at writing about myself.

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Phlyrox    1112

you put an ad in your signature?


ps. hi im 'hi im phly' on league of legends (pc only)

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RakAd    0

this alt psawner is a good idea thanks

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morganjp    5

Good day.

As for suggestions on what you should learn to code with - it really depends on what you want to do with it.

However in my opinion, C# is always good to start with for general purpose stuff.

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