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Hello! Allow me to introduce my self...

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Coalman97    3

My name is Coalman and I would like to thank you for checking out my intro. I have been an aVo fan for three plus years and have just enjoyed watching their videos. Their knowledge of coding and programming are one of the many reasons I want to learn how to program. I love playing games such as skyrim, L4D2, half-life, and I used to play minecraft avidly until 4 years burned out on me. despite my love for gaming I like to get outside as much as possible and participate in sports such as cross country and track. I figured I would try out this site even though I have seen it many times before I have actually made an account. I like to get to know people across the internet because you can meet some great people. That's all I can think of for now. Any questions? :p

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Coalman97    3

Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes I played, not religiously, when minecraft was in alpha and when I didnt have my own minecraft. Haha.

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Wolf    2

Welcome, I'm also new so we are in the same boat, As long as it dosn't get covered in obsidian...

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