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Schools That Made Things Fun?

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QueenOfKawaii    284

So my school has started the tradition of doing a video to a popular song that includes all of the teachers, and I personally think it's pretty cool that all/most of the teachers agree to stay behind and film this video!




Has your school done anything like this or do you think your school would do anything like this, besides the inevitable and shitty harlem shake video that almost every school made? Granted, it's probably a little different for me because my school has a separate arts program so a lot of the kids actually want to be at school, but I'm sure other schools would do this as well!

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Saltiren    73

Has your school done anything like this

tl;dr: Yes.


Proper response: Every month, the video production class produces this segment called "The Stampede". We meet in our mentorship/advisory/study hall? class for a half an hour to watch this. It includes comedy skits, motivational/emotional speeches (usually by professional speakers or sometimes athletes), school announcements and the best of all, MUSIC! The school I attend has a high percentage of its students being of black or latin origin, and this is reflected in the music produced. Sometimes, like you said, it is the shitty 'harlem shake' or 'selfie' parody, but what is becoming more and more commonplace is the school giving its students the freedom showcase music that they've written and performed themselves! You want to know what the result is?


Shit. Very poorly produced and written rap that's sung by a student that has no flow or even vocal talent. I've attended the school for slightly over a year and every time, it's been a song that is mind-numbingly dull or just plain nonsensical and because it has to be school appropriate I get the lovely privilege to hear a rap song about getting good grades and not doing drugs (even though to think the music they wrote is good, SOMEONE had to be on drugs). I'd rather the poor students do something else for their monthly projects or whatever. Oh, did I mention our announcements are in video form so every day I get to see a Mini-Stampede? How wonderful!


But yeah! Our school does that too.

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greengreens1    138

My graphic design teacher in high school brought us all to C2E2 in Chicago for a day which was really cool. We also used to have a food drive around thanksgiving where they would film random people doing a turkey impression every year. It was really stupid as they either reused old clips or just half-assed some people doing it with not much to be added to it.



EDIT: I also forgot to mention that the school got on board with the ice bucket challenge and uploaded videos of it somewhere. I'll try to find it later.

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dejordzta    1688

Hahahaha, I was waiting for the sequel to Cawthra's big hit last year. Classic.

Yeah, our school kinda did the same thing with the Senior Management and the drama department. I'll see if I can dig the video's up.

The SMT did things "I gotta feeling" by the black eyed peas and "Teach me how to dougie", the drama/IT guys performed and made music videos as an acapella Lady Gaga group (and they were actually really good live, the school went wild for them).

I have to say our school was actually really cool went it came to doing stuff like this quite often, and how much co-curricular drama/arts stuff we got to do.


Also side note: the tune at the beginning of the video (sleigh ride) is one of the songs our bras band would play caroling or at our xmas concert. I totally forgot this was my second year not being with them, that song reminded me..

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Lest we remember Spartan Highschool Style.

You're welcome.


OT: My school has done some stuff, such as the PA department (which I'm part of) recording some songs, and since we're not shit it's actually decent.

We had some former students come in and play some music, and the teachers wanted us to skip lesson to watch (I'm in 6th form) and as soon as I heard them playing when I was outside the hall they were in, I knew they were One Direction rip-offs so I snuck off to the common room to study since I'd rather not waste my time with that shit, of course all the girls from the lower years loved them.


I attribute it to us not being cringey, and anyone who would act cringey generally doesn't want to make themselves look retarded so they don't do it.


Edit: holy shit spartan high school style nearly has 2 million views, the cancer has spread far and wide.

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dylygs    191

We have some pretty decent electives at our school, like music, video production, and we even got a programming one this year (which I tried to get into but couldn't because of space). I'm in music, which used to be good, but everyone in it except me and my friend are either high or disinterested, sometimes both, so we can't play as many songs because we don't practice often enough. There's a theatre one too, which I would be in because I've ton a shit ton of it at my old school, but I don't know that anyone is that great in it, so I think it would be boring.


Basically, the teachers try to do cool stuff, but the kids either don't have the skills or aren't willing to learn on their own, so it's not nearly as good as it could be.


For our next performance, I think my friend and I are going to do Piano Man, though, since he's fucking brilliant at piano and I'm a pretty good singer. I want to learn the harmonica part, because that would be rad.

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CARVERitUP    4995

Every year, the seniors from my high school have a tradition that goes back like 50 years to do a "Follies" production, which is a seniors-written and seniors-performed musical where we would dress up as teachers from the high school and make fun of them. One of the most fun things I was a part of as a senior.

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sciifer    26

Our German class decided they would do a German Gangnam Style thingy doing this crazed horse dance shit all over the school. Thankfully, I got out of it (it might have been the German trip or I might have spent the last couple weeks in the naughty boy carton because I tripped up a year 7)

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