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jackielick    24

We damand more movies,

You guys have gone down hill, so far, i have not seen one really good video of you guys do anything good for some time just a bunch of old crap, you guys are missing movies on your tube account and you are slacking, i want more videos now, i watching them and there is nothing intesting, We want more movies, of you greifing, or else i will watch some other greifing team, that could do, better then you guys, and that alone, is a insult, you guys should do, better not worse by refuseing to make more movies, if you go not, i just go some where else and start watching other griefers do a better job at griefering then you guys, i can't enjoy a youtube at least because it is dell to wach low qulity videos without my dayly episodes of griefering other peoples games, at the very least, give us the same amount entertainment that youtube lacks, in the gaming community !!!

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CARVERitUP    4995

Demanding for them to make more videos doesn't make them make more videos. It makes them want to not make videos, just to troll you and laugh their asses off at you.


This isn't even a forum game, so I don't know why you keep posting crappy topics in the wrong place.

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