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This is hilarious.



A very sexually active person that is always smoking marijuana. His dick tends to be larger than most and that is the reason he is sexually active a lot. People look at a Brendan and wish they were him. His looks, courtesy and of course, his sex drive is the reason that women just want to make love with him.


Can also mean somebody with the above traits.

Girl 1: Oh my god! Is that Brendan?

Girl 2: I hope so...I really want his love stick inside of me

Girl 1: No he's mine

Girl 2: He's mine

Girl 3: He's mine!



Guy 1: Look at that brendan.

Guy 2: Fuck him dude. Just because his dick is larger than ours it means we don't get chicks.

Guy 1: I wish I was him.

Guy 2: Ewww you fag.

*Guy 1 walks away*

Guy 2: Yeaaa.... I actually wish I was him

And right below that...



The most gorgeous guy in the universe! Every girl wishes they could have him, and every guy wishes he could be him. He Has amazing hair that all the other guys in school wish they could pull off. Not only is he amazingly gorgeous but he is also the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He isn't conceited but he's obviously gorgeous.He loves techno and rock, he has a great sense of style. He makes everyone happy when they are around

him and you're lucky if you know him!

guy 1: "I wish I could be more like Brendan!"

guy 2: "I knoww! I would totally sex him up and im not even gay!"

guy 1: "meee toooo"


Girl 1: "I love brendan! he is so gorgeous!"

Girl 2: "I love Brendan too! He's amazing!!"

Girl 3: "I wish Brendan wasn't so intimidating!"

Girl 4: "Everyone loves Brendan! :)"



does this mean I'm going to sex

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