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Xaereus    2

Hey Avolition community / staff, my names Michael if you don't feel like naming me by Xaereus all the time. I actually have no idea where I got the name from, aha. Any ways, I've been watching the videos for a while now, I guess you could say I'm a fan boy. I'll try not to show it to much in my time here on the forums. So what's up? I'm a 15 year old Australian, really like to game as would most of you on here, and that's all there is to know about me. So I guess I'll see everyone around on the forums some time, can't wait, thanks for reading.



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azami    816

Don't worry about being a "fanboy", most people here could care less tbh. Everyone gets weird feels when they meet extremely popular(not me(yet)) people they look up to. Stick around and you can find some people hanging out in the vent or around forum.


edit: Wait what the fuck, why are you faggots downvoting my post? I was welcoming him to the community and saying not to worry about being a fan of avolition..?

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NumberZero21    98

Welcome! Chicken flavored underwear, it's the future!


Is that the only way you can women to go near your crotch?

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