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I recently made an attempt at making some software that would mass-download plugins from Wordpress, and I succeeded at that. Then, I thought, why not make a program that allowed people to add their own plugins, using resources and classes inside the main binary to do such a task.

So I wrote a simple plugin system, and a form that allows you to access the plugins' functionality.


The source is rather messy, but the important parts are commented. I wrote the code rather hastily, since I wanted to make something that worked more than making something that is elegant, which I now regret. I'm probably going to be doing a full rewrite, to make it easier to add/remove/disable/enable plugins.


I use the HtmlAgilityPack for parsing XML and HTML (I love that library so much), so credits to Simon Mourier for that aspect of the program.


I'm terrible at working with threads, so if anybody can help me out in that respect, I would be ever so grateful.


Anyways, the link to the git is here.

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erikster    20

HtmlAgilityPack is God-tier. It helped so much with another project I worked on.

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Stiepen    6

This looks really useful, gotta try it later/tomorrow (gotta get some sleep)

Lets hope it runs in mono


EDIT: Did you actually do the rewrite? If not i might look into that myself... eventually... once i got time...

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