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Team Avolition
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Team Avolition raffle.

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Decided to host a Avolition raffle. How this works is that its 3 keys (on tf2) to enter the giveaway. You may enter as many times as you would like.



Item breakdown.


3 ref=1 key

bills=10 keys

craft hat= 2 ref

Obviously other prices can be discussed.




Any item you would like from the Avolition store, or 1 month of subscriber on the forums.


Starts- Today



Ends- December 31'st ad midnight.



My steam ID is sectoriam


All entries must be sent to that account. I take screen shots of every entry and when trading me on steam make sure you say your forum username. The more people that enter the more winners there can be. As of now there will be 2 winners and every lets say 3 people that enter i can give away another item. The winner will be picked using the random number generator. HOpe to see you guys online!




If you dont like any of these rules, shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, simple enough

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rakiru    2713

This is not a forum game. Also, if you want to do something like this that involves actual valuables, then it should be discussed with an admin beforehand, possibly with a staff member acting as a middleman. Locking for now.

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