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Team Avolition

Team Avolition Halo Server

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NeonEagle    76

Good! Playing on those other servers gives you 2 choises: Play with 2 people or play with 15 people while being lag killed all the time.

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Benjamin_Akala    302

Good, because I'm gonna try and convice my mother to let my sister join because since I've arrived. STRICT INTERNET RULES.

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MiniBaa    4

What Do I Need?

Note: You must have a valid Halo PC product key to play, I'll be able to help you with this if need be!


Gamespy shutdown the Halo:Combat Evolved master server. I got nothing to do now so I kinda need that "Help"


Got it :D

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Soviet_Red    5


3. Some people (Krysk) are experiencing FOV issues. I think he figured out how to fix it but I'm not sure.



Not surprising, the game isn't exactly fit for a large monitor.


Anyways, just a small tip, if you're screen resolution isn't supported, just add the command line "-vidmode XXXX,XXXX,XX" which in order is "width,height,refreshrate."

Mine is "-vidmode 1920,1080,60"

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Church    1234

Hey Kids, this servers back up but its not official anymore. Pm me for the info!

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dejordzta    1688

Since this got necro'd anyway, if you haven't noticed there is an even for Halo CE coming up.


I thought it was an odd?

Mum did say I was never good at maths...

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CARVERitUP    4995

Will play once I get my new computer :P


Please read the time of the posts you're looking at. This was posted 2 years ago, this server doesn't exist anymore.

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