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Team Avolition

Post yourself as a Neko!

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Syphist    1415

I have a feeling there will be a few posts that will cause some interesting comments. Time to go get the popcorn.


Fake Edit: I don't have a cat costume, and I'd rather not post pictures of myself in 1 on the Internet.

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Syphist    1415

Next thread: Post yourself as the opposite sex.

Now I'm tempted to use the "bulge" feature on paint.net...

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Xero-Space    2330

Wait.... Why would I want to be a cat?



Also, at least no one has any photos of me that they could edit to give cat ears.

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Skell    217

I would wish that more female members would do quality posting like MuffinSeeker. I also am tempted to bother with contributing to this thread, but with the lack of cute nekos, I'll just do a quick draw-over like the rest. You all have 24 hours to make this into something awesome and worth contributing to.

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