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Exquisite Corpse/Consequences (Text-Based Version)

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MuffinSeeker    629

So in my eternal quest for the ultimate forum game of wit and quality posting, I have come up with this. The game is called Exquisite Corpse/Consequences. One person starts something creative like a story, comic, animation, drawing etc. But conceals all of their contribution apart from one sentence, panel, frame, portion, etc. The next person continues the project basing it on the "clue" provided and leaves a "clue" of their own for the next person. This continues until you end up with a really weird project that's interesting to read or look at.


More information on this game can be found here.


In this case we'll be doing a sort of Text-Based Adventure. One person will post a description of the environment the player is in and what is happening, then finish with a choice for the player. The catch is that everything except the choice will be hidden. The next player will make the choice (which will also be hidden along with their description), then continue the story and add a choice for the next player. Repeat for every player.




  1. Do not read the spoilers of the last post made if you are planning to post. - This should be fairly obvious. The point of the game is not to know what situation you're in so that when you continue the story it's strange and amusing. If you read the hidden stuff, you will either continue the story normally and it will become a boring RP-type game or you will try too hard to make it unrelated and the thread will suffer from "LULRANDUMECKSDEE" syndrome.
  2. Do not reveal too much information about your post. - Remember, you are only revealing a choice, not any information about your description, the setting or what has been happening unless absolutely necessary. For example, your choice could be, "I must decide whether to travel north or east." not "I wonder if I should leave the city and board the spaceship."
  3. If information will be essential to the next person, add it in to the choice - For example, if you finished during a sword fight between you and a warrior woman or sonething, it would be awkward if your choice was, "I have my foe cornered, do I kill them?" and the next person starts off talking about shooting a werewolf with a revolver. In this case you could say, "I have cornered my foe, blade ready. Should I kill her?" the next player does not know who the woman is or why you were fighting, but they know that you're using a sword and the foe is a woman. Their next post will still be interesting but the transition will be much smoother.
  4. Be creative - I'm not asking for shakespeare here, but don't got full-retard in an attempt to be funny and random. If you start going on about "slaughtering blobs of jizz to save gay nigger alien ninjas" you will bring the story down. That sort of thig is funny in some cases, but believe me when I say it will not be funny here.
  5. Keep the character/player ambiguous and in first person - This is the only thing that has to remain ambiguous because the player/main character is mentioned throughout the story. Refer to them as "I" and "me" and do not mention anything which may give away species, gender, race, etc.
  6. Write a decent paragraph - We want a story here, not an RP. So don't be all, "I went to the store. Should I buy a sandwich?" because it contributes very little to the project


With that out of the way, let me get the ball rolling!



Well, my day started off badly...I woke up in the middle of a field, naked, with an angry farmer pointing a shotgun at my face. I could not remember how I got there, let alone what had became of my clothes. After apologising profusely to the land owner and jogging away whilst attempting to cover my dignity, I began to strain into the dark, foggy memories of the night before. I vaguely remembered being in a local bar. Seems kinda cliché waking up in a field after a night of drinking and I wasn't usually the type who would get that drunk. But it was the only clue I had that could put a story to this crazy situation.



I need to know what happened, but maybe it can wait...Should I go back to the bar or just go home and forget about it?

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rakiru    2713



I start to head back home, but it isn't long before my need to know grew enough that I had to turn around. I had to find out what happened.

It takes me another 5 minutes to get back to the bar, but I find it closed. I sigh and realise I'll probably never know...

Or I could break in...



Should I break into the bar?

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immosha    33



I make a cautious decision to instead loop back around the back side of the bar instead of charging headfirst. However, as soon as I turn the corner, a hooded man points a revolver at my head.

"Don't move. You've seen too much."

I see nothing around me, it's too dark to discern objects.




Do I try to escape, reason with the man, or wait for help?

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komilatte    405


I run away as fast as I can. After turning down a few alleys, I think I've lost him. I straighten out my hair and walk as casually as I can into a populated area to hail a cab. When I get inside, the cab driver flashes a flashlight in my eyes and tells me to put my hands up.



Do I get out of the cab, or stay inside with the flashlight in my eyes?

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