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Found 79 results

  1. rakiru

    Showcase Your Client

    Showcase your shitty clients here and save us all from the countless threads, k? If your client is actually original, innovative, etc, go ahead and make a new thread, but if it's the same old shit, post it here. Notice: This is the programming section. Only showcase clients that you have programmed.
  2. MrDaHaxor

    Darkstorm GUI Sliders

    So I been creating a client but I cant get damn darkstorm gui api sliders to work. How the crap do you get them not to crash the game? I cant find anything out there to help and been searching other clients to see how they did it but there so damn big I cant get where they are getting things from
  3. So I'm taking a look through my old MC client I made last year back when I didn't know much about programming principles and stuff and I wanna kill myself. So to start off, I'll be using Eclipse for this glance into my Hellhole of a 'client', because I have Intellij open already. I'm going to delete Eclipse after this glance through this client though. Starting up, I see I made a package called... "Hacks". And in each of these classes, are exactly the same thing as the other classes, except Locations, which I will get into: Here is the uh... fastplace class Okaaaay... Here is my fullbright class Yep. I don't know why, but for every fucking global hack boolean I made a separate class... Except for Locations.java. Somewhere along the development, I must have realized that I had a massive clusterfuck on my hands so I made this class, which really isn't anything but a file with comments. Well OK then. I already wanted to slit my wrists, but I decided to go ahead and take a look at EntityClientPlayerMP.java. Scrolled on down to onUpdate(), and I found this At this point, I closed Eclipse and now it, along with "RevanClient", has found it's final resting place.
  4. TheMightyAtlantian

    GRIEFING on a server

    hello iam Atla and i would like a few people from Team Avo to help me grief -snip- just email me -snip- for times and cordination and my skype is available apon request. ALSO IF YOU HAVE A CLIENT THAT ALLOWS YOU ACCESS TO GMC YOU ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE.ALSO IF YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND OR SKYPE WE ALL CAN UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO YOUTUBE. just email me and we will go from there.
  5. Dear Team Avolition, I hope someday you will bring back Minecraft griefing. I know some faggots (no offense) say in the comments "OH NO!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO GRIEF IN MINECRAFT NOW WITH ALL THOSE FUCKING PLUGINS!!!! DON'T EVER BRING IT BACK!!!! DUHHHH!!!!!!!!". But it's not true. They just can't do it and say it, so no one could. I can learn you how to grief. You just go on any server you want, find a good house, and tell the player "Hello, do you want to be friends? You will add me to your territory, so I can open your chests and break it and I'll give you some diamonds". That's all! If he won't add you, just leave him. If you didn't understand, just go on this channel: -snip- and watch some old videos. EDIT NOTE: OK, now I understand everything and I'm fine with it. :)
  6. TheUprightMan

    BadLion PVP vs Hackers?

    Recently a lot of crap has been going down with the badlion PVP server. In summary- the staff of this server SUPPOSEDLY have ways to tell if someone is hacking, 100%- without seeing it themselves or receiving ban reports or anything. That on its own is no big deal- servers need their 'protection' (excuse me while I laugh madly)- Where it becomes an issue- as I see it, is when they started sharing this list of 'hackers' encouraging other servers to start banning people who may have not hacked on THAT SERVER! I have on KitPVP servers all the time, but I play legit of a factions server and 2 vanilla servers. The fact that I can get banned from a bunch of servers because I hacked on ONE is stupid. Recently this issue gained a bit of notice because BenMascott, a massive player and part of TheCampingRusher's factions series was banned because apparently, at some point, he used hacks on BadLion PVP. Now Im not enouraging any... retribution... per say, but lets just say... maybe... possibly it would be fun to go on and cause a bit of havoc... ANNND MAYBE- im not telling anyone to- but it might be VEEERY bad for them if they happened to get Ddosed by a few people... *wink* -snip ip- EDIT: I forgot to mention, this whoel thing has gotten over 200 'hackers' banned from TheArchon -TUM .
  7. MrShrimpy

    Speedmine Help

    Ok, I am very new to coding clients, and I was wondering where I would find how I could get Speedmine/Speedy Gonzales to work on Minecraft 1.8. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be amazing!
  8. TheUprightMan

    Client Hack Idea: #OperationBlur

    So I was thinking the other day, about hacking/griefing etc. The most common excuse when your caught using hacks is 'I was lagging'. Most admins at this point call BS on that, BUUUT! I had an idea. Why cant we make a mod that tells the server we are lagging? The ping bars on TAB show players ping/pong etc (I dont know the technical shizal-wizzal). This mod, AKA 'Blur' would show your ping at one bar, and no-bars whenever activated, so if an admin sees some messy stuff happening and hits tab, it shows as if your lagging to hell. It could also be made to make your player look like he/she is lagging, making it look like your rubber banding back etc... Just an idea- I am fairly new to the coding life, JAVA is not quite alien, its more like trying to read cursive, but I still dont know how to do this stuff :/ Maybe this will help some people if it can be made :D
  9. HeyLookImOnAForums


    So I was going through minecrafts code and could not find where the nametags are rendered (in 1.7.10) if any of you know this will be great just need the class name
  10. [spoiler=Disclaimer]I was given permission by @Sirenfal to take the older videos that are on youtube, undelay them, and then upload here for no profit e.t.c, So I figured this is how I would contribute to the forums /or community :/ So here's the videos. I take no credit for this, and these videos will not gain any profit. (As of now, I am using Youtube /unlisted) I will be undelaying all the older Minecraft Griefing videos by Team Avolition as long as I keep my permission from Krysk. If you have any requests, just put them in the comments below or so. I will probably just post all the videos here to prevent spam on the forums, So check back every now and then. (100% CREDIT IS GIVEN IN ALL DESCRIPTION OF VIDEOS) EDIT: Thanks for the support! If any admin for whatever reason edits this post please make sure you fix the video link below, as the video will vanish. The link of a certain video will be in the ()'s. Note: Any title marked with '*' has been fixed with higher quality HCSMP 1 UNDELAYED.* http://youtu.be/Fvm29LhVw2w HCSMP 2 UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/-tVVuRvDAgg Chaos Craft UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/ya3Xdf09k9A Rice-Think 1 UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/RQbFa9oODUQ Hybrid Craft UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/HAk8bc99TYE PhantomCraft 1 UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/pE1bdMOzpgg NOK CRAFT UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/o8cJaOgrn0w SPY3991'S SERVER UNDELAYED. http://youtu.be/Rzd_OcokaB8
  11. The original thread has reached maxium capacity Media Links. BUT WE GO ONWARDDDD wat LINK TO VOLUME I FCUK MINECRAFT UNDELAYED: http://youtu.be/tKC-a1wFBS0 TREE GRIEFING UNDELAYED: http://youtu.be/sgjf48SCqd4 SCRIBBLE SERVER UNDELAYED: http://youtu.be/vGUUR2JIicc Mikeland Survival UNDELAYED: http://youtu.be/PBR-POeqWvs All videos have been undelayed! Thank you for all the support I have received doing this! But that's not the end of the project.. Check back Here: http://www.teamavoli...delayed-videos/ As I will be reuploading some clips with higher quality :)
  12. Hello, I test my Hacked Client on the normal MC launcher, but when I wanted to test it now, there comes a Popup: "Java Virtual machine Launcher : A Java Exception occured". Only at my Hacked Client there is this Error. All others works still fine, tested it. And MC in Eclipse works finde, too. The Log in the MC Launcher is just: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access class bgt from class net.minecraft.client.main.Main at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.<clinit>(Main.java:26) So I looked in the class bgt, but there is nothing special on lien 26. Just: public Type getRawType() { return java/util/Map; } Can you help me? (!reinstalling does everything does not work, allready tried it!)
  13. potata

    Decompiling Optifine 1.7.2

    Hello, As the title suggests, I am trying to decompile a minecraft jar with optifine installed. I'm getting trouble with MCP, as it only wants to decompile the vanilla 1.7.2 client and I cant seem to make it decompile minecraft with optifine installed. Anyone here know how to make it work? I recieved the source code to a custom client, and I want to try and install Optifine to it. If anyone has a way to get MCP to decompile a modded jar, let me know!
  14. Hello users, so I have finished editing Minecraft files in Eclipse and I want to compile certain files I have edited and put them in the minecraft jar, but the files are all in .java and I want to change them to .class even with errors. I know how to compile them with cmd and I have done it a few times with other files, but not with errors. I would just fix the errors but every file is 80% full of errors and even with the errors I am sure it will still work because Minecraft works fine and I have opened the jar itself with Eclipse lots of times and there are always errors with it but it never really affected the game. My question is, if there is a way to compile .java to .class even with errors? if not, then do I have to fix the errors? Any other ways? I'm new to compiling and java itself and I always appreciate help/tips that will get me on the right track. So thanks and um bye :D.
  15. crazydude156

    Minecraft 1.7.4...

    Hello users, so yeah 1.7.4. They have changed lots of things in this update and it affects the whole entire community especially mcp. There are limited mods out there that are compatible with 1.7.4 and I wonder how do they do it? Do they have there own similar mcp just for themselves? I use mcp1.6.4 with Eclipse just for fun\ to also learn because mcp isn't updated to 1.7.4 yet and it has been like this for a few months now. Anybody got a different way to create mods/clients for 1.7.4? I would like to know, any answers and helpful tips are appreciated. Well um yeah. Thanks and bye:D
  16. Nasaspacepro

    A Funny Minecraft griefing experience

    I found this one Minecraft server which gives everybody who joins free op and World edit, that server did not last long after I discovered it :D
  17. vengens

    Xray Problems

    Why the hell isnt anyone replying? I need help! BTW ive got 2 xrays (Opacity and normal) https://www.dropbox....roblem.PNG[/img] If you cant view that image go here: https://www.dropbox....ray Problem.PNG So ive got an xray manager working but for some reason it renders gold, lapis, and emerald ore blocks only if i can actually see the side (if it is not facing a wall) as demonstrated in the Image. Not only that but for some reason this happens with my normal xray: https://www.dropbox....apture.PNG[/img] If you cant view that image go here: https://www.dropbox....atq/Capture.PNG So as you can see. In my xray manager no blocks are selected. (The boxes would be grey if selected) So it is rending the blocks that i dont want it to. But it works fine for the Gold, Lapis, Emerald ores. Im thinking they have some sort of connection due to the fact that in opacityXray: It doesnt render sides of : lapis, gold, emerald ores in normalXaray: XrayManager only renders: lapis, gold, emerald ores. So if you have any ides let me know :)
  18. Jmbarbourmusic

    Minecraft music

    Many of you have heard my original compositions, but here's a remix/arrangement of a piece of music from Minecraft. https://soundcloud.com/jacobmbarbour/minecraft-calm-2-remix-jacobb You can follow that link to my soundcloud profile to hear my original works as well. Thanks.
  19. This only happens when using my client. I am unable to find the solution of this as I've checked every file I've edited (close to) and don't know what could be causing it. Also happens in other places than GuiIngame so could be in Minecraft.java but I doubt that highly
  20. BeastlyRed

    Minecraft Coding

    Hi, my name is Edward, I'm 13 and yes you may think that is young but I've been taking classes on coding. So of course I start minecraft and remember wait this is Java I know the basics of java I should make a mod..... But I got one problem I have no idea what files to edit/make to make a mod work I do know the basics of Java but just, so I just want to know what programs are the best for coding and what files do what (A link would be very helpful) Any help would be great..... Feel free to email me! BeastlyRed (Edward) Steam: BeastlyRed MC: BeastlyRed Thanks alot
  21. Craxtus

    Looking for some MC clients

    Oh dear, sorry everybody, I have made a mistake. Please disregard this thread ever happening. I didn't follow directions.
  22. dejordzta

    A silly question

    Solved! Optifine is a bitch. You can lock this if you so wish, Wkter :3 Hey guys, Sorry to bother y'all with such a silly question, but this is getting to the point that I'm nearly going insane. I had a cool idea last night to try and add back the old animated block logo as seen in Minecraft beta 1.3 and below. Sweet, okay, I have the code, I've done this before, so lets get started! Me says. Me didn't know that this would be harder than raising the money to get to America for a month, without my parents knowing. I've examined every last detail of the code (even though it looks like pigshit to me), and I can't figure out why it won't render. I've made it output to the console (for debugging) if it draws the block (or more specifically when it's drawn a face of the block - due to how it's coded), but I'm not seeing any blocks. Now I know it's setup right, because I've also added in some drawRects in place of the blocks - and I get this: So this leads me to believe something's not rendering correctly in this little method here: I know it's something silly as this, but any help would be appreciated. I'm near breaking point on why this won't work... Thanks.
  23. Phoenix76653

    [HELP] MCP being derpy on Linux

    So I fired up Minecraft today, and realised that it was updated to 1.2.. Normally this is no big deal, and I just spend 10 minutes c/ping the code from my previous version client. I downloaded MCP, and added the bin, ran the decompile.sh and was greeted with this... == MCP 6.0 (data: 6.0, client: 1.2.3, server: 1.2.3) == !! patch check FAILED !! [Errno 2] No such file or directory This was weird as I'd never this error before, and upon googling found nothing. Is anyone else having this problem?
  24. lolzxraydiamondz

    [Showcase] I Liek Pie

    Hello. I have been making my own hack client. And I wanted some feedback on it so I thought I would show it to you. Here are some pictures: Main menu The R button refreshes the news feed. The tnt image is derpy because I suck at lwjgl. Ingame: I made the inGame gui without drawRects because I think its ugly. Draggable/Clickable Gui: The "this isn't me" thing brings you to a ingame user login. Also the green drawString is a little bit derpy but thats becouse the screenshot maker. FEATURES: There are still some little things that need to change but that's it. I hope you like it. Also please leave a comment saying what I should add/remove/change.
  25. mrwafflebrainz

    Hacking Console

    Is there a way to hack into console? Cause every time a hack, I can put myself into and Admin, and ban the Owner, but he uses console to make him back to and OP and bans me. Is there a way where I can hack into console and make it almost my server? REply back or whatever, cause theres this server I really want to hack into, I hate the admins. If you want to know the IP, reply back, cause its a private server