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Found 24 results

  1. Stuhlbaum

    Glide dont work

    I coded a nodownglide and It work at nocheat plus. BUT I get kicked for flying. Can you help me please?
  2. Stuhlbaum

    Scaffouldwalk bypass?

    I coded scaffouldwalk, but it dont bypass... How can I bypass it?
  3. I need help finding a fun Gmod server of any kind, all that matters to me for it to have a nice community, were I can easily come in and hang out.
  4. MrDaHaxor

    Darkstorm GUI Sliders

    So I been creating a client but I cant get damn darkstorm gui api sliders to work. How the crap do you get them not to crash the game? I cant find anything out there to help and been searching other clients to see how they did it but there so damn big I cant get where they are getting things from
  5. TheColonel

    I need ideas for a documentary

    I've always been an aspiring filmmaker and I may have finally found my chance. The city I live in is having a film contest, and I have decided to go all in on this. The only requirements are that the film has to be a documentary, and it has to be under ten minutes long. Does anyone have any good topics that I could make a movie about? Thanks for the help everyone!
  6. crazydude156

    Help with derp/retard mode...

    Hello users, I hope you guys don't scold me about not knowing how to do this or that but I need help with my client. I have started my client, got a few cheats, and learned along the way. I am wanting to add derp/retard mode in my client but don't know how. What I am asking is help on how to spam the packet Packet12PlayerLook, or just hints that will get me there on the right track, I know how to add variables and rest to activate the cheat, but not how to spam it. I would like help with that because I am a person that does not like to copy/paste or going on god dam Hack Forums and not learning a single thing about this. I like to learn how (this does that and why it does this). So I would really appreciate the help and hints that will get me on the right track and learn in the process. thanks :) bye. p.s- Sorry if i sound confusing I am new to this forum-_-
  7. dylygs

    NSA Debate - Edits?

    Hey, I said in a thread a little bit ago that my debate teacher changed our topic from immigration reform to the NSA spying five days before the actual event, which we normally have like three weeks to prepare for. Because of this, we've kind of had to scramble to get arguments together. I'm trying to get as many eyes on our speeches as I can just to make sure there aren't too many rebuttals to our points, as well as check for inconsistencies and fallacies. These are our speeches: PRO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zhw6voMdK1X-dcayv8R8HeAUyHvLuXJsRogltUOhHtU CON: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PXL5chlej6JapcqlQ9pK1m9MO77D7P7zCwiMMVGZaro If you guys have free time, it would be really helpful to read over them and give us edits. Just post on this thread and I can get the message to the rest of the team. Thanks.
  8. Noodles777

    Some help/ideas with OOP approach

    Hey guys/girls and fellow programmers I'm currently working on a client, and I'm trying to make it nice and object oriented, and without modifying the original minecraft source where possible, so that its easier to maintain and it has some possibility of accepting mods. This is really where my problem is. I can't quite work out how I would implement my own features without editing the original source. Currently I'm working on using inheritance to achieve this but I don't think its going to work. As an example I shall use a problem I am facing currently: I'd like to implement a custom startup routine so that I can have my own initalization and a custom spalsh screen. Basically this requires me to change/add a few lines to the startGame() method in Minecraft.java where I'd bind my own texture instead of "mojang.png" etc. However this would be editing the original source which means that I'd have to do these changes/additions every time there is a minecraft update, plus if any mod would also want to modify Minecraft.java it would obviously be incompatible. Currently I have my own class called 'Aria' which extends Minecraft. In Main.java instead of creating an instance of Minecraft I create an Instance of Aria which does its construction then calls the constructor of Minecraft so the other classes don't throw null pointer exceptions everywhere. Then from Main.java I call the run() method of Aria which overrides the run() method of Minecraft. So here I can do some things that I want to do but eventually I have to do super.run() as it calls the startGame() method which does a lot of initalization for Minecraft. Unfortunately I can't override this method as it is private to Minecraft. If I do want to override it, I have to change it to protected then copy the method and change the single line that needs to be changed which is really messy not to mention that this also requires to modify the original source so this would fail on multiple levels. So basically I'm asking for any suggestions/ideas as to how something like this could be done without editing the original source, or if it is at all possible to do this without editing the original source of the classes. I do realise that I will have to edit the original source at some point but I want to do it as little as possible, so I’m wondering if there is any trick that can be used to achieve this. Thanks in advance. Noodle EDIT: The phrasing of the last paragraph was a little confusing and it annoyed me.
  9. Well, I know how to draw the text in the top left, but not the top right, also if I draw multiple mods at the same time they just go over eachother, I'm using var8.drawStringWithShadow() or something of that nature and I have no idea what the arguments mean, and no way to change the position of any of the strings. Regards
  10. I have known her for 8 months now, I met her through my friend who used to fancy her himself, but, not anymore. I kind of fancy her... a lot. I really want to be her's but as of April, there has been speculation of my friends that she may like me in return, and I really want her but I have to be careful not to pop up too sudden, because all hell may break loose (As in her never wanting me). This is where you come in. I took a few online quizzes and got some positive some negative, here are my current standings. (In relation to the quiz questions) - She looks at me in the eyes when talking, only. - She is not shy/timid, nor feels uncomfortable with me - Yes I have sat next to her and her to me by choice - If I approach her she will most definitely start a conversation with me, but she doesn't approach me. - She laughs at a few things I say, if they aren't sexual jokes (I like dirty jokes she doesn't, even then she is playful) - I see her very often (either on the underground or out with our friend(s)) - She complimented me a few times I can remember like my Final Average (which is rubbish compared to her Finals, but that's irrelevant) - If I tried to hug her she may say "yes", but that I am definitely unsure of. - Her eyes when talking to me do not change (from what I notice) - She knows my friends, I dunno hers - I forgot my wallet once, and she bought me a soda with her money? - She doesn't know my birthday (at least I don't think so) but, I know her birthday. - All of my friends reckon she fancies me (and a School Counselor, if that counts?). - She asked me once if I was free on the weekend (To go with friends not alone, unfortunately) - She is going to a different school next year - She also said she doesn't fancy me when I told her my friends kept saying that. (I know this is a really big factor) I am waiting until The beginning of school (We are going to different schools) to try asking but I am too scared even then, Does anyone have any sort of idea as to what to do? So, what do I do with these current standings? Thanks for helping PS. Any ideas for asking her, that is if it is a good idea? Please don't attack this thread with crap, and be serious.
  11. CommGaming11

    Tab gui help!

    Could someone point me in the right direction to making a tab gui like the one in Nodus (Just an example)? I've thought about this for a while and I can't seem to come up with anything.
  12. I found this song a few days ago and like it alot. Unfortunately I don't understand every part of the song because english isn't my first language. I've of course used Google but I wasn't able to find anything related to this song (I've only found some lyrics to a song called "Things You Do" by "Loon"). I tried to write down lyrics for this song but I didn't come really far, so I was hoping somebody could help me here. Thanks in advance.
  13. Phlyrox

    Broken wire in a ribbon

    I had a lemonade spill on my laptop back in feb. and went through a lot of customer support to get it working again [only replaced the hdd though]. Everything was working fine until couple of months ago. Now most of my home row keys aren't working [a->f and j->Enter]. Since I'm on break now, I did the logical thing and hulk smashed my laptop apart and found this to be the most likely cause of my problem . seeing as how the keyboard is ~$60 dollars, and i no longer have the warranty, I'm wondering if there's an easy way to fix it. or could it be something else that's causing it? My potato has a high resolution but i can't seem to focus and keep my hands steady. [its a big picture]
  14. BeastlyRed

    Minecraft Coding

    Hi, my name is Edward, I'm 13 and yes you may think that is young but I've been taking classes on coding. So of course I start minecraft and remember wait this is Java I know the basics of java I should make a mod..... But I got one problem I have no idea what files to edit/make to make a mod work I do know the basics of Java but just, so I just want to know what programs are the best for coding and what files do what (A link would be very helpful) Any help would be great..... Feel free to email me! BeastlyRed (Edward) Steam: BeastlyRed MC: BeastlyRed Thanks alot
  15. shifty_ninja

    My FPS is dropping

    Normally when I used to game I usually got around 80-100 FPS but then I stopped gaming and started installing lots of programs on my computer. When I returned to gaming I got around 10-30 FPS and whenever I was in a skype call I got around 6 FPS. I've tried Uninstalling lots of programs Cleaning Registry Does anyone have any solutions to get my FPS back up. Thanks
  16. TeamCraftonite

    Minecraft Source Code?

    I cannot run MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) on my computer. I have tried trouble shooting, and I can't get it too work. If somebody could decompile Minecraft 1.4.5 and make a zip of the source I would very much appreciate it.
  17. Puddleduck

    [Solved] Left 4 Dead 2 Rotation Issue

    Hey guys! I am having a problem with L4D2. The camera, and the player rotate to the left, as if by default. When this first happened I fixed it by entering "+lookspin" in the console, and that seemed to do the trick. However, the problem seems to have returned and the same fix isn't working. I re-downloaded it from Steam and the problem persists. Wat do, the game is unplayable. EDIT: After trying what Kave suggested in the shoutbox, no success. The player also seems to walk slowly forward as well...
  18. Cupcake_Ninja

    help with .commands

    so i have been wanting to make a client for a long time now. i just dont want a gui (to me they are space takers and annoying) and so after editing minecraft and adding some text for GuiInGame.java, i thought why not make the client work off of .commands like .help, .freecam, .fly and .nuker, you get the idea but i dont how to do it. I am a complete noob lol so if any one could give me a few tips to get started? i cant seem to find any other way to get help
  19. Right, so I've finally got a new pc, some games and fraps but theres only one problem; lag:( I get around 20-30 fps recording minecraft, no texture pack and optifine, and about 30-40fps on L4D2 maxed but it looks like about 10 on the recordings which is poor considering I run L4D2 at 80+ maxed non recording. Also, CSS runs at around 300fps+ maxed depending on the map but when recording also drops to between 30 and 40fps which proves my computer is bottle necking somehow but I don't know how to fix it. Heres my pc specs: -Intel i5 2300 -EVGA 550ti -Asrock h61m-vs MoBo -4gb 1333mhz RAM -Arctic freazer pro 7? CPU cooler thing:P -7200rpm 500gb HDD (just for fraps and games) -7200rpm 160gb for OS and some programs -7200rpm 320gb HDD -600w PSU -And a cracked version of fraps:L I'm using it kinda as a test cause' i dont wanna spend £20+ on fraps then it not work properly.. I've tried Bandicam; thats not much different and Dxtory isn't either. Any help would be appreciated, -Sam
  20. I keep getting this error when trying to run an un-modded Minecraft client from IntelliJ IDEA: I already set up the configuration with Minecraft clients, and I added Java library paths to LWJGL already, yet there's still this problem. Any help?
  21. Collateral

    Don't know which PC to get.

    Ok, I could do with some help choosing a PC; and you guys know better than anyone... :) 1. 6 Months old. Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 (supports up to i7, USB 3.0 and up to 32GB RAM, SLI/Crossfire compatible) BRAND NEW Intel core i5 2500k quad core @ 3.3ghz 4GB Mushkin Silverline RAM @ 1033mhz 1TB Western Digital Green HDD @ 7200rpm EVGA GTX 460 1GB graphics card with HDMI OCZ ZS series 650 watt power supply LG multi optical drive (CD/DVD+/-/RW/dual layer) Black case with removable sides PCI wifi card and aerial Free games: Call of Duty: Black Ops and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Price; £410 2. AMD 3.1GHz Dual/Quad Core Crossfire Gaming PC. MoBo: Gigabyte 870A-UD3. The CPU is an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE; This is running at a stable 3.1GHz with the extra two cores unlocked, so this then becomes a X4 B50 cpu. This is cooled by an AC 64 Freezer Pro, and this does a good job at keeping it cool. RAM: 4x2GB sticks of Corsair XMS3 1333MHz TW3X4G-1333C9A DDR3 PC3-10666, Western Digital 320GB Green Power SATA HD. 2x BRAND NEW XFX ATI Radeon HD5770 1GB GDDR5 in Crossfire. The optical drive is a Lightscribe Sata DVD-RW. The PSU is a brand new 900W Storm Super Silent Power Supply. To make the system wifi, i have included a D-Link DWA-140 Wireless N USB Adapter. Antech Nine Hundred Case. Free games; Assassin's Creed and a digital download coupon of Aliens VS Predator (DX11). There are also the driver disc's for the motherboard, wifi and graphics cards, and also a DVI to DSUB adapter Price; £390. Thanks, -Sam
  22. So I'm looking at a new PC as my laptop wont last much longer; and my budget is around £400. I would like the PC to be able to run most modern games on normal/high settings. Here's a basic idea of what I want to do; 1. Buy a £300 prebuilt computer 2. Add a new GPU(Graphics card) for around £100. And heres an idea of what I have so far; 1. I will buy this and for those of you who don't wish to click the link, here are the specs; It will cost; £305.84 -Intel Core i3-2100 2 x 3.1GHz -8GB DDR3 1333 Dual Channel (2x4) -1000GB SATAII 7200RPM Hard Drive -Intel 3D Graphics -22 x DVD R/W +/- Dual Layer SATA -Asus P8H61M USB3 -Vantage Blue ATX Case -550W Evo Labs Power Supply -Full 12 Month Warranty Incl. Part and Labour. And for those of you wondering; yes, I have looked at the sellers reputation and I'm 99% sure its not a scam. 2. Buy this(An ATI Radeon HD 6850) for £94.99 and install that to the PC. Therefore the total cost of the budget gaming PC will be: £400.83. Note: I already have a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I need help as I don't know if this is risky, if the GPU will fit with the system, if the parts of the base PC are okay and just some general opinions. Thanks, -Sam
  23. Hi guys! I know very little about PCs (I am slowly picking up the basics) and I need some advice. (If this goes in the other tech sub-section, could an admin please move it for me.) Basically, for Christmas last year my dad bought me a new PC, it is a pre-built and it is OK, not great, but OK. I need to know if my current system will be able to handle a massive RAM upgrade. Here is my current RAM: Here is my MoBo: And I need to know if this RAM will work with it! (Not the existing RAM, but the motherboard) If you can help, this would be greatly appreciated, and I will reward you with a cookie!
  24. DJCrazySnoo

    Help Me Please

    Hello guys if you can help me whit my music it would be awsome. Please check my music you can do this by going to my twitter I will let it at the end . And if you like my music please follow me on twitter or like me on facebook . I will let all the contacts at the end of this post . Thanks For Read This. The Skype: djcrazysnoo The email: djcrazysnoo@yahoo.com. https://twitter.com/DJCrazySnoo http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJCrazySnoo/291978390900892