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Found 5 results

  1. TheDandyLyinSquid

    Hack Client Source Code?

    Hey all, I'm new to these forums, and a very, very, very, VERY beginner java coder. I really want to make my own custom client, just for like practice, and so everything is where I want it to be, and also have a few hacks for the heck of it. This might make me sound like a skid, but can someone link me to a decent client's source code? Thanks! Please Note: I do not plan on copy/pasting the code, but I want to dissect it and learn like, what goes where, and how to format it, etc. Thanks again!
  2. Stuhlbaum

    Glide dont work

    I coded a nodownglide and It work at nocheat plus. BUT I get kicked for flying. Can you help me please?
  3. TheUprightMan

    Client Hack Idea: #OperationBlur

    So I was thinking the other day, about hacking/griefing etc. The most common excuse when your caught using hacks is 'I was lagging'. Most admins at this point call BS on that, BUUUT! I had an idea. Why cant we make a mod that tells the server we are lagging? The ping bars on TAB show players ping/pong etc (I dont know the technical shizal-wizzal). This mod, AKA 'Blur' would show your ping at one bar, and no-bars whenever activated, so if an admin sees some messy stuff happening and hits tab, it shows as if your lagging to hell. It could also be made to make your player look like he/she is lagging, making it look like your rubber banding back etc... Just an idea- I am fairly new to the coding life, JAVA is not quite alien, its more like trying to read cursive, but I still dont know how to do this stuff :/ Maybe this will help some people if it can be made :D
  4. mrwafflebrainz

    Hacking Console

    Is there a way to hack into console? Cause every time a hack, I can put myself into and Admin, and ban the Owner, but he uses console to make him back to and OP and bans me. Is there a way where I can hack into console and make it almost my server? REply back or whatever, cause theres this server I really want to hack into, I hate the admins. If you want to know the IP, reply back, cause its a private server
  5. The problem: My opacity hack as it is right now, only works on short and tiny render distances. It is coded by modifying RenderBlocks to use an Alpha color when drawing the textures. Also: I realize that ice is transparent through its alpha value in the PNG file. I've spent quite a bit of time puzzling over this one and I've boiled it down to a few simple questions: 1. What is/Is there is a fast way to dynamically adjust the alpha of a texture loaded in memory without reloading the PNG file? 2. Can I make the RenderBlocks modifications work on Normal/Far ? A hint would be appreciated (like how things are done differently between short and normal!) 3. A little outline of the texture loading process would help. The math in it confuses me a little. + I don't know too much about OpenGL texturing. 4. Can some calls be made to lwjgl to set an alpha value? (like glBlendFunc etc.) If so can someone send me a link to a page with some info on this (google wasn't extremely useful here) or just explain a little. FML I have just asked for more spoonfeeding than ever before...whatever. If you object, don't answer with spoonfeeding. PS: I REALLY don't want to see shit about ice being a transparent block on this thread : That is done through the terrain.png having an alpha value and I have other plans that make that impossible for the opacity hack. i.e: opacity slider that updates on real-time, where reloading the file would cause an insane performance hit.