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Found 4 results

  1. GhostyToasty

    Did AllNaturalX eventually help Avo grief?

    Dumb question, but I noticed AllNatural was credited in a few griefs at the end of one or two videos. Was this a joke or did he actually contribute? This seems weird considering he was the owner of Nerd.nu Thanks
  2. TheMightyAtlantian

    GRIEFING on a server

    hello iam Atla and i would like a few people from Team Avo to help me grief -snip- just email me -snip- for times and cordination and my skype is available apon request. ALSO IF YOU HAVE A CLIENT THAT ALLOWS YOU ACCESS TO GMC YOU ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE.ALSO IF YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND OR SKYPE WE ALL CAN UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO YOUTUBE. just email me and we will go from there.
  3. Dear Team Avolition, I hope someday you will bring back Minecraft griefing. I know some faggots (no offense) say in the comments "OH NO!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO GRIEF IN MINECRAFT NOW WITH ALL THOSE FUCKING PLUGINS!!!! DON'T EVER BRING IT BACK!!!! DUHHHH!!!!!!!!". But it's not true. They just can't do it and say it, so no one could. I can learn you how to grief. You just go on any server you want, find a good house, and tell the player "Hello, do you want to be friends? You will add me to your territory, so I can open your chests and break it and I'll give you some diamonds". That's all! If he won't add you, just leave him. If you didn't understand, just go on this channel: -snip- and watch some old videos. EDIT NOTE: OK, now I understand everything and I'm fine with it. :)
  4. Weepkey

    IT'S OVER 9,000!

    I am blogging. Today I made a dirt house that can withstand tnt. Do you know what the maximum level of tnt that it can survive? IT'S OVER 9,000