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Found 7 results

  1. Weepkey

    IT'S OVER 9,000!

    I am blogging. Today I made a dirt house that can withstand tnt. Do you know what the maximum level of tnt that it can survive? IT'S OVER 9,000

    What if life had a reset button?

    I've been alive for a little awhile and i wondered if i could reset my life and change some of the things that i did. Like asking her to go out, or asking a chick you've been talking to for awhile. Or what if i never played the console first,but a PC instead. What would you guys do? There is probably alot of things i didn't mention up there but you know what i mean. EDIT:If not i meant it like the quick save thing mentioned below
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm9jd6UIi6k :)
  4. jasonza

    Krysk is a platypus?

    I have recently discovered a very shocking realization. At first I though I was crazy until I uncovered some shocking evidence. For a while I have suspected that Krysk is a platypus. Don't believe me? After watching a few livestream's , I have observed the behavior of Krysk and realized a few things He is nocternal , He only plays games and does livestreams at very late hours like 12pm to 4 am. A platypus is nocternal and it sleeps during the day. He growls when threatned He is pale since he sleeps through day , hunts / games at night Krysk can detect electricity and pressure like when he detected small packets during the minecraft livestream The last piece of evidence provided is this picture below It is untouched and it DEFINITELY proves krysk is indeed a platypus http://s14.postimage.org/yh6gwfzz3/platypus.jpg What a revilation. For keeping this secret for so long Krysk, all I have to say is ice cream to you -jasonza
  5. GlesnifferMcGee

    Best Joke You Ever Wrote.

    What is the best joke you have ever come up with? Mine is an example of irony I made up on the spot back in Junior High when I was sassing a teacher during a lesson on irony. Teacher: "Fine, what's an example of irony?!" Me: "Orphans having an you mamma fight!"
  6. Uber_pwnage00114

    Call Me Maybe lyrics

    Whats your favorite carly rae jepsen line you saw or you made. I quite like these. Hey! I just met you, And this is crazy, Look at that dingo, It ate your baby Hey! I just met you, And this is crazy, I'm high on bath salts, And you face looks tasty
  7. jasonza


    Post your favourite Zoidberg meme's here. Do I need to say anymore... (I don't want to see any "Your thread is bad and you should feel bad")