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    Don't worry about it Remember the community mostly hangs out on Discord now
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    Help Creating an Event Manager

    You make an abstract Event class from which all your events descend. You make an EventManager class that has a subscribe method that allows you to specify a method which should be called if an event of a particular type fires, and a call method that calls each of those subscribed event handlers whenever an event occurs. Then you make a class for each event type you need (ex. EntitySpawned, PlayerDied) Create a method to handle each event you care about and use EventManager.subscribe(EntitySpawned, handle_entity_spawned) So something like the following. I don't work in Java anymore, so you'll have to figure out the particular syntax yourself, I'm kinda fuzzy on Java 8 features. I left comments so you have some idea of what to Google. public class Event {} public class PlayerKilled extends Event { // fields, constructor... } // Java 8 function interface - each event handler probably needs an anonymous class? I don't know public interface EventFunction { void call(Event event); } public class EventManager { // a mapping of class types inheriting from Event to a list of function handlers for that event type // ex. PlayerKilled -> call(PlayerKilled event) private HashMap<Class<Event>, ArrayList<EventFunction>> handlers = new HashMap(); public void subscribe(Class<Event> event_type, EventFunction func) { // if this is the first event for this type we need to create the ArrayList they're stored in first if(!handlers.containsKey(event_type)) { handlers.put(event_type, new ArrayList<EventFunction>()); } handlers.get(event_type).add(func); } public void call(Event event) { // call all event handlers using a Java 8 lambda expression (Array.forEach lambda) handlers.get(event.class).forEach(handler -> { handler.call(event); }); } } For any further help consider joining the aVo Discord and asking in the #developers channel (check the thread in the Random section, it's stickied). EDIT: I don't know the exact syntax for the subscribe method, but you want a "SAM type". See these links- https://ocpjava.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/java-8-functional-interfaces-sam/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17913409/what-is-a-sam-type-in-java Something like whatever.subscribe(PlayerKilled.class, (event) -> { // do stuff with event });
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    Still active?

  4. The server the forum was hosted on was compromised via another site on the same box. At this time I don't believe any forum data was stolen, but you should change your password here and anywhere else you reused it just to be safe. As long as I was reformatting that box anyway, I went ahead and updated the forum to IPS4. I copied the theme from another website I run and stuck a background because that's less eyebleed than a flat color. I may or may not make a new dark theme soon, I'm not sure yet. Since we're on IPS4 I also replaced the old shoutbox with a shoutbox I wrote that's nicer. Welcome back, please let me know if you run into any issues. This was a big upgrade and I'd be surprised if there weren't some problems lurking.
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    What’s up Gamers

    We still talk to him, yeah. He doesn't post on the forums
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    What’s up Gamers

  7. Sirenfal

    we still active on the forums or nah

    mostly on Discord now
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    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    Either someone made it up, or people fell for the ol' fans claiming to be us meme
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    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    Nope, we never did. I hadn't even heard of it until two weeks ago
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    Anybody here play on nerd.nu?

    99.9% sure nerd.nu is older that 2b2t btw
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    Jellal's Introduction

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    Avo Diablo 3 Archive?

    I don't think there is
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    How to join Discord

    You sure you copied the whole link? It seems to be working fine when I tested it - https://discordapp.com/invite/DYNJ6Zk
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    Hello, I'm Rain.

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    A Player Has Jointed the Struggle

    I'll look into the avatar upload At Some Point(TM) Discord's hilariously bad servers had some downtime recently, try again
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    Well, I'm here now.

    Welcome! Join us on the Discord :3 https://discord.gg/DYNJ6Zk
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    Entrance: New Player Joins

    Screenshot the profile picture thing
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    What do the bird does?

    A novel about what though?
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    Who is the person speaking at 3:39 and 3:47?

    That's Sinkip. We were dating at the time.
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    Feeling welcome!

    >Quake 3 SMART
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    Hello World

    We use Discord for that now. Don't worry!
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    Hello World

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    Deadmau5 Professional Griefers theories

    I don't have any evidence, but I remember it came out right around our height. It would make sense given not just his history with Minecraft, but his personality on livestreams in the past year. I hope we made him laugh, personally. Seems like a nice guy.
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    Corrupt A Wish

    We're not together anymore, so. You have to answer the previous wish to make a wish.
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    Sativa gives you the shits.

    idk why you felt the need to post this thread