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  1. Sirenfal

    Hello World

    We use Discord for that now. Don't worry!
  2. Sirenfal

    Hello World

  3. Sirenfal

    Deadmau5 Professional Griefers theories

    I don't have any evidence, but I remember it came out right around our height. It would make sense given not just his history with Minecraft, but his personality on livestreams in the past year. I hope we made him laugh, personally. Seems like a nice guy.
  4. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    We're not together anymore, so. You have to answer the previous wish to make a wish.
  5. Sirenfal

    Sativa gives you the shits.

    idk why you felt the need to post this thread
  6. Sirenfal

    Hello World

    I don't really like Fortnite, for whatever that's worth. I haven't been playing any multiplayer besides Black Desert lately though. Nice to see you Phly
  7. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    You're amazing, but it doesn't matter because you just get chain lagstabbed by Russians repeatedly. I wish you'd suggest a good wish for me to make.
  8. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but the rat meat and gutter oil always makes you extremely sick when you eat it. I wish I had more entertaining games to play when I'm bored.
  9. Sirenfal


    Armageddon? I already did, and played it for awhile. Pretty good
  10. Sirenfal


    Stellaris is great
  11. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but it only runs TempleOS. I wish I had pizza right now.
  12. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    Wish granted, but you die in the vacuum long before you manage to accelerate to the speed of light. I wish I knew who these people adding me on Discord are.
  13. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    (Everything went better than expected)
  14. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    You no longer have to eat or drink because you've been killed. I wish I was a man again :>
  15. Sirenfal

    Corrupt A Wish

    You know how to play, but the first time you played in public you deafened yourself and the audience because the amplifiers were too loud. I wish I was a girl.