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  1. NumberZero21

    Hello World

  2. NumberZero21

    how 2 drive

    just park like old people drive: slow as fuck. You'll get used to it the more you do it
  3. NumberZero21

    The Time, man, where did it go?

    This times 1000
  4. NumberZero21

    Good funny shows?

  5. NumberZero21

    is team avo still alive?

  6. NumberZero21

    Is this it?

    I'd be interested in a forum revival. I was never really involved in the mumble or the irc back in the day, but I've always had fun on the forums (and that one time we make the SS Shitship escape pod).
  7. NumberZero21

    My New Hacker Friends!

    h will never die. Long live h!
  8. NumberZero21

    Looking to join a griefing/client development team

    Shit, is it 2011?
  9. NumberZero21

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    This is old, and I've probably posted it before, but it's still my favorite gif of all time.
  10. NumberZero21


    I'm game for another go at a community server.
  11. NumberZero21

    Can you guys help me out?

    I'm late to the party, but I got ur back. Better music than anyone else on the page.
  12. NumberZero21

    Possible interest in a forums osu event?

    I don't think that's gonna happen if KnightFire is going to the event. (Not that winning matters though) Sorry, fix'd