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  1. Pandaz

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    Welp, I really should've known
  2. Pandaz

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    Is Reliant really updated to 1.12 or did you just change the numbers as a troll? Damn I'm kinda impressed you guys have had the motivation to keep updating it every version if it really is
  3. Pandaz

    Total War: Arena

    Rome Total War is best Total War
  4. I was a 12 year old script kiddie who wrote shit Minecraft plugins and even shittier client hacks. Minecraft griefing and trolling was hilarious to watch but I never did it myself much strangely, probably because I never had any alt accounts and to me the Reliant client and aVo's alts were some magic shit. I was pretty autistic. Had a couple of real life friends, but I spent most of my free time playing video games. Basically, my life was video games. Time passed, I discovered StackOverflow, my code became slightly less shit and now I write Minecraft plugins for money. Who knew? I stopped writing the client hacks a long time ago, though. Was going to study CompSci at university from this month, but thought better of it and am off to study Economics. Crazy though, because if I hadn't changed my mind it would have been entirely because of Minecraft modding that I'd gone to university to make a career of software. Still fairly autistic, but have expanded my friends fivefold or so. I don't play that many video games anymore.
  5. Christ, I've come back after today's aVo upload to find my shitposting thread from FIVE years ago is still semi-active. Crazy stuff
  6. Pandaz


    Isn't that basically just what everything ever posted on HuffPost is?
  7. Pandaz

    watchmojo trying to start some beef

    Hahaha that's fucking brilliant. Why on earth did he spend time digging up years old footage just for the purpose of a shit video.
  8. Pandaz

    IDEs and Themes

    It's not that I edited the thread title from that or anything. No.
  9. Pandaz


    hey bud god bless you welcome to the forums
  10. Pandaz

    Websites that are just completely fucking baffling

    Haha I was gonna do teamavolition.com but then decided on that instead
  11. Pandaz

    IDEs and Themes

    Have you publicised it, or is it private? Either way, looks nice. My problem at the moment is the same - whenever I go back to do something in eclipse there's a huge contrast between the dark theme I have on IntelliJ and the white background I get with eclipse.
  12. Pandaz

    IDEs and Themes

    Well, I'd be surprised if there hadn't been any discussions on preferred IDEs on here, but I couldn't find any on the topic of IDE themes. What do you guys have your IDEs set up to look like? I've recently switched from eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA (for Java at least), and the theme I'm using at the moment looks like this.
  13. Pandaz

    You Found: Xander_TheGamer

    Welcome to the forums. Have a great time here!