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  1. NaggyBastard

    My Halloween Costume

    And now you need a butterfly knife.
  2. NaggyBastard

    What's your safe SENTENCE?

    "Get off my computer you faggot!"
  3. NaggyBastard

    So 1.4 Just got released

  4. NaggyBastard

    Im back

    Arceus I have no idea who you are, and why the hell you think I'm a faggot. Of course I AM a faggot, but I don't know how you know me. :3
  5. NaggyBastard

    Im back

    Rk, this is the first time I've posted a coming back thread. The only other thread about leaving or coming back was leaving.
  6. NaggyBastard

    Im back

    No bones, I didnt.
  7. NaggyBastard

    Im back

    Remember me? Well I'm back. :3
  8. NaggyBastard

    Im back?

    Yeah, I'm back, but I might post less than I usually do. (THATS GOOD) BYE
  9. NaggyBastard

    Your phobia(s)

    Dont. Watch. Saw VI.
  10. NaggyBastard


    Someone didnt listen, I said I would get on from time to time, and I found a topic that I thought was pretty cool.
  11. NaggyBastard


    I know there is already a post for this, but it is old. Mine is the fear of cotton balls *shudder* I hate the texture of them, and them being ripped apart. (sidonglobophobia)
  12. NaggyBastard

    Best 404 page ever

    Seizure..Party hard...Seizure
  13. NaggyBastard

    Nightwatch camera (What could this be?)

    With your knowledge, if you have ever put your hand up to a camera, (Not saying you are dumb), Would it come up like that? Im not sure for me, ive never done it
  14. NaggyBastard

    Nightwatch camera (What could this be?)

    I bought a nightwatch motion detector camera, and one of the pictures was this. http://i.imgur.com/1L9Pf.jpg Do you think it is a finger blocking it?