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  1. How was it? Was she big? I'm Jestin' I am not suppose to be here but felt like coming back as Christ did. Joining back in 2012 after deciding to stop and lurk I spent mostly here shitposting and blogging about random stuff while getting to know community members and likes (Xero, Mumble Crew, Our lovely Admins, The Regulars. I miss Tricolore) time passed by and things were even more down hill for me and learning more about false smiles and awful friendships when I was hopping into many communities as making more paranoid and generally awful from the early days. Few of you had experienced that specifically with me and I am sorry for the inconveniences I had given. Though realizing what I had gotten myself into I had accepted that you cannot please everyone and decided to just be "myself" While you may or may not like me which is fine, I did enjoy spending time with a lot of you minimal it may be, the effect however was big and memorable. The Good, The Bad, The Horrible. It made me what I am. The Dark Knight wearing Panties for a cowl. I did visit the Fra/ction mumble, only to see scout there afk. bit of a nostalgia. and besides, I can't forget this forum and everyone here, You guys are close to family. P.S.: You guy's are still fuckin' faggots <3 PPS: Apparently boat stealing is still a thing, Shall we wake up the capitan of the Shit Ship? I'll call the Celebrity Lazer Police
  2. I too, am also archived as of December 21, 2015

  3. Yeah, knives are more popular in ol' Birmingham On the subject: I absolutely love doing these kinds of things with other people as I would hear how wrong their opinion is without listing anything but "Well you see..in my irrelevant country, or if they did make sense it would just all go down to "well, making gun less harder to obtain means we are more safe!" Like, go from this. there are literally millions of guns in the United States, why am I not hearing about people going on mass shootings and 24/7 killings if they're all so evil? Its not the weapon, Its the person. it always is, if you care enough to look at their background, where they grew up, how they were treated, whats their status of living, are they mentally ill, do they have problems irl, are they talking to someone that could influence these said actions. as with anyone who wants to commit a crime or wanting to die THEY will try and know how to obtain weapons if they're so caring on what they want to do even if it takes years. As not to mention the american news and such is making a fuss out of these "gun free zones" as its a perfect choice to remove liberlards and degenerates with no ways of defending themselves, WHO wouldn't want that if you're gonna go on a shooting spree. now, if this was a CC (concealed carry) state that allows these, would you think 3 out of lets say, 50 in a mall would have a handgun and tries to actually defend the people in the mall with their lives trying to protect their 2nd amendment and society and potentially stopping more harm than in a gun free zone. You would need to understand how things work, Its great from a government stand point to make use of a tragedy that happened with the grief in the air and address more tighter gun laws as you're taking away potential things that might go wrong in the future, not to mention public opinion as you take advantage of a crisis and get in more out of your 'followers' as sheepies (WOAH YOU CAN'T SAY THAT "EDGY" SHIT ON THE INTERNET!) tend to just follow the publics opinion or the typical "Thats morally wrong but you're right. but you can't say that since you will hurt peoples feelings!" Now, the cultural differences, people saying their shitty country has decent gun laws since no one has died is retarded. Yes, guns are the tool that is much faster, deadly, and black and 'scary' but. You need to know whats actually in your country, Lets say knife? alright, nothing really good still but its progress, stabbing some fucks, maybe behead or not kill anyone at all besides serious injuries. I mean china is absolutely amazing at knife stabbings, one stabbing happens and another, then another, a chain reaction of fucko's slashing people up. but there is a reason for that, wealth status, where you're living, location, whats currently happening to you. For anything guns in china could be much more harder than any other places (which it probably is) and the cost of a handgun is at a premium. do you think people can just afford it? now this conflicts on what I said about insane people doing anything to achieve their goal but if you look at it. an average chinese joe would probably not even know how to find a gun to buy, even afford. but knives oh yes, they're plenty just walk right up your kitchen and go from there. Testing out your new chinese katana folded over 5 times as you find the nearest school and target pre schoolers necks and bodies. guns are a commodity in impoverished areas as prices can cost you a liver. With how it is these days everyone wants a month of fame after killing people just to be on the big screen, I forgot to mention agendas and such, as "extremism and ideology" is too far long to post. I would absolutely love to go back in time to tell stories about how it is now. them jerries and americans listening to all of this stuff as they gave their lives and victory for this 'freedom' and world. Krauts would love to hear about how their germany is now filled with gypsie beggars and amount of no no's in the country. maybe the great grandfathers would love how california beaten new york as the degeneracy capital with the amount of gay cum coming from san fran's asshole would surely put a mark of these soldiers. (OHH NOO TIMMAYY, NOOT THE BUTT PLUUUG)
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    https://www.youtube.com/user/journeymanpictures/videos here are some good documentaries from this channel, be wary though some of them are old and not up to date but still a nice watch
  5. Kerobro where are ya

    1. KeroPearhart


      Mostly busy between work and other stuff for the most part. Admittedly I don't really check the forum as often as I used to.

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    Hello! New guy here!

    Oh god LOL, I'm in the same with you except my family is doing the same in america :^) but yeah I know that third world internet feel so well. good luck with your comp games
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    Hello! New guy here!

  8. Error

    "military" music

    Fucking TR faggots get off my boardd I'm quite not sure what TR would sound like besides alot of orchestral pieces and no vocals
  9. Error

    Halo 5 Opinions

    those weapons they have are csgo tier, not to mention the infographic sums up. Seriously I wouldn't give a care for Halo 5 but I know alot of people are buying xbox ones for it or like with Halo MCC which turned out to be a shit release besides "its okay guys! we updated the games :D" from what I heard its not the same people (343) but the people who worked on crackdown 2 343
  10. Revive from the dead! as a followup, anyone used the windows 10 virtual machine yet? is it good?
  11. Error

    Ezio Story

    Play it by release order. mind you, if you want to follow up on the story from all the main games you are probably gonna have a hard time since the plot is fucked to shit and have to buy the rest of the newer Assassins Creed games. As what majesty said, (don't want to spoil much) it gets much deeper and more shitty unless you genuinely enjoy the series. I would suggest tOrenOing revelations if you play playing it on PC