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  1. So today I discovered Professional Griefers by Deadmau5, and whilst I was reading the comments on the YT video I ran across someone who stated that deadmau5 said that the song was based on aVo. However looking it up online I couldn't find anything about it and even on genius the lyric annotations had nothing to do with minecraft let alone aVo. So really I was just wondering if there's any evidence to support these claims. It would make sense with deadmau5's history with Minecraft but at the same time it seems like a pretty far fetched theory. Would be cool if it was true though.
  2. Subscribe

    A late introduction I guess

    I was looking up hacked clients and stumbled across a reliant bootleg which lead me back here. Ahh that makes sense, I'd assumed they'd all gone to college or something.
  3. Subscribe

    A late introduction I guess

    So apparently I have a 5 year old account here that I completely forgot about. Surprised this place is still active, is aVo still around?