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  1. Quintessence

    I'm a Quintessence

    Oh, well then that's something different. Carry on^^
  2. Quintessence

    I am Raikou

    How did he spell his name wrong? What if that was intentional?
  3. Quintessence

    I am Raikou

    That picture made this intro awesome :) Oh, and the new friend. That's cool too :P
  4. Quintessence

    Easter Eggs

    Oh, remembered another in Borderlands. One of those encoded black and white things was in there, so I scanned it with my phone. Sadly it was only the name of the head artist. Still clever though!
  5. Quintessence

    Easter Eggs

    I like the barrel code in Borderlands. It makes no sense what so ever, but it's my favorite thing ever :)
  6. Quintessence

    Fatty does The Bernie

    I knew Fatty was amazing but this just made it so much more XD
  7. Quintessence

    Favourite Movie?

    My favorite movie has to be Titanic. I don't care what people say, but I cry every time.
  8. Quintessence


    I have pink headphones and an internal mic I've never used.
  9. Quintessence

    Elder Scrolls Chibi Dragons

    Those are adorableee :D Great work!
  10. Quintessence

    I'm a Quintessence

    Sorry XD College tests. In any case, I know Niiyu isn't a bitch Dewey :P Nice to meet you anyway. It's also great to see so many great welcomes from people, even if it went a little off track :) You know it ;)
  11. Quintessence

    What doYOU think the point of life is?

    Making others smile. Might seem corny, but it's my answer.
  12. Quintessence

    hi i'm nil0

    Welcome :)
  13. Quintessence

    Something to say quickly...

    I've only been here 2 days and I've noticed this. Props to this community, upvoted the OP.
  14. Quintessence

    That OH SH*T! Moment.

    Mmm, I have to say I like these topics that make you think. My oh shit moment was when a car was coming for my friend when he was crossing the street. I couldn't yell to him to stop... Thankfully the car stopped, but I hadn't cried so much at one time...
  15. Quintessence

    The best way of revenge?

    Hmm... Well, the revenge is different depending on the type of person. If it were a vegetarian I already know exactly what I'd do. I'd kidnap them and lock them in a room with nothing but a table and a bucket in it. On that table would be a large 12 lb cooked steak. They are not allowed to leave until the entire steak is gone. Now of course I'd have a camera watch them, give them the water needed to live, and even replace their toilet (the bucket) when they sleep, but in the end it only matters how stubborn they are. If they are really stubborn, the steak gets gross and cold, then they die. I didn't personally kill them, it was all them. Otherwise whenever they crack and eat it I'd let them go and they will never be the same again. As for anyone else, I'd just kidnap them and remove their vocal chords before letting them go. I wouldn't leave any trace of me though :P