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  1. Ask me anything about my service

    That's a specific job in the squad. I'm a sniper.
  2. Ask me anything about my service

    Sorry about the lack of updates.. It's been chaotic over here... I haven't really had time for internet or luxuries in general. Just wanted to post this so people don't think I died or sonething. Wish me luck... I need it.
  3. I put a nice camo paint job on my rifle

    It looking cool is secondary... fact of the matter is when in the mountains it's quite effective in camouflage
  4. Ask me anything about my service

    No. Yes. Yes. Easily. No shit.
  5. Normally we have people that one of their jobs is camouflage but the way they do it ends up looking like something out of toy story. So i did the camo myself with spray paint. let me know what you think!
  6. Ask me anything about my service

    http://imgur.com/a/8srpk Update: still guarding and whatnot
  7. Ask me anything about my service

    I've shot a lot of rounds in a range of calibers .... My shoulder has never hurt... maybe you just need to git gud.
  8. Ask me anything about my service

    Not sure what you have against a bullet lol. It's just a bigger more powerful bullet.
  9. Ask me anything about my service

    Update: got a promotion (sort of). Gonna be getting my certification to be a commander for counter terror as well. Also on Sunday I'm going to be staying on a new base on a border which I'm not going to disclose. That's all 😊
  10. hi im new

    Welcome to the forum man. Enjoy your stay Edit: didn't actually read whay you wrote because I assumed you weren't lacking brain cells. The team members love it when you ask to be avo. Yup. You poor poor naive child. You will learn.
  11. Ask me anything about my service

    Weekly update. I was chosen to be a preliminary tester for a new anti-material rifle. It's fucking insane. That's all I can tell you guys. They chose the best sniper from each special forces unit for this. There's 5 of us. That's all 😀
  12. Ask me anything about my service

    Yeah. My personal rifle is an x95 with a meprolite mor sight
  13. Ask me anything about my service

    Nothing crazy happened this week. The army took us to a gun factory and we saw how our weapons were made as well as got to see the new generations of well known guns. I'm holding the Galil Ace chambered in 762. It's a pretty little thing.
  14. I have quite a few good friends that are from Australia... It's always been a place I'd like to visit. I'm also a fan of the Melbourne shuffle. It's easily the coolest way to dance to hard techno (psy-trance, hardstyle etc.)
  15. Ask me anything about my service

    I don't really have much to comment on to be honest. They're just being... themselves I guess ?