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  1. Was 16 when I joined, am 22 now. I was kind of a loser in high school and this forum felt like the first time that I was able to connect with people I understood and who understood me. My mental health went to absolute shit towards the end of my senior year in high school and I might not be here without the friends I had here. And I agree with Blind, I've tried to get involved in other communities since, but even with some of the conflict that came up now and then, there hasn't really been anything like 2012-2013 AVO, this forum is special. Oh yeah and I'm another "AVO inspired me to program" story. I started writing shitty C# code, got some pretty helpful criticism in the old #avolition IRC, started writing more code, went to college for computer science, got a job designing software for a cancer lab at the medical school (not since I frequented Mumble has my laptop been this full of literal cancer) , and I just moved across the country a couple days ago to start a PhD in Bioinformatics. I try to check in here when I remember every few months or so. I'm really glad to see people are doing well. I'll see you guys around. Everyone on this board deserves ice cream.
  2. generic

    I see the fire still burns bright.

    Honestly the best part was how many people believed it for so long until Krysk said he was going backwards on unicycle
  3. Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach is a pretty good networks textbook. It goes into a lot of detail for each protocol so if you want a really good understanding of TCP/IP they've got several hundred pages for you. PDFs are also really easy to find.
  4. generic

    I see the fire still burns bright.

    I guess you haven't heard about the tricycle accident. Or was it a unicycle. Either way it was some serious shit. Welcome.
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  6. generic

    The Alcohol Thread

    Cheap vodka in sprite at parties. Doesn't matter how you get there IMO.
  7. generic

    Arkansas State Capitol

    I went to the US capitol in eighth grade. We went in the House of Representatives. It was one guy giving a speech to a literally empty room. Then we saw George Washington's house and went home.
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    Hello Great Lakes friend. Hopefully it will actually be warm for more than a day here soon. Be careful with that glue.
  9. generic

    Did AllNaturalX eventually help Avo grief?

    Yeah Dell used to be a regular on here when I first joined.
  10. I tried to open this thread on my phone and it crashed. There must be some serious shit on page 2.
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    Nice. That's a seriously cool bassline you have at the drop. I still make music when I have time. Just get super sleep deprived and make sad shit like it's 2012. Best of luck to you going full time!
  12. generic

    I got a puppy!

    Pls give Kyo big hugs from me <3
  13. generic

    My experience on Rice-Think

    Edit: Why not that I can't embed youtube?