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  1. YoGurt

    Alrighty then.

    Welcome:D I'm YoGurt, Need Help? Ask some of the other members, I just joined.;3
  2. YoGurt


    Nothing special, Just the honest truth.
  3. I'm willing to freeze my self, For you.

  4. YoGurt

    Need help with mods causing blackscreen

    Make sure the mod is the correct version for the client.C;
  5. YoGurt

    Hi, I'm SMarine22

    Ohayy, Welcome;3 If you need help contact one of the other members, They seem to know what they are doing.C;
  6. YoGurt

    Worst Fail

    My worst fail, Was probably giving out my IP. I had to pay 430 Dollars in repairs out of my own pocket, And im 15.
  7. YoGurt


    Hayy Guys, Im YoGurt, I'm down for anything (legal)! Need me to grief, I'll grief, Need me to spam, I'll spam.;3 I don't really play minecraft much, But i'm a big fan of aVo. I've been watching aVo's videos since the they had like 62 videos, or something. I dunno;3 any ways, Add me up, Or message me, I don't really care.
  8. I love frozen treats.

  9. YoGurt

    Brag Thread

    I just have a regular Toshiba Windows 7 computer.
  10. YoGurt

    3D AVO Logo

    Looks nice.