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    programming java c++ python objective-c etc. (yeah i know too many)
    also Minecraft, TF2, Skyrim, Portal, ice cream
  1. arjunyg

    A Glorious Day Has Come

    http://scetch.net Thank god scetch regrets creating Nodus. This actually happened awhile ago (approx 1 month) but I thought I might want to let you guys know that we all should pray that 1.6 is released as soon as possible. For once people who don't deserve hacks won't have them :D
  2. arjunyg

    How to ask questions

    Was looking around internets and came across these two beautiful links. I thought, "Hey the Team Avolition forums have metric shit tons of people who register and then ask a stupid question about coding a minecraft client. Maybe a couple more links (although we already have quite a few :D) would help out a little." http://slash7.com/2006/12/22/vampires/ http://mattgemmell.com/2008/12/08/what-have-you-tried/ Maybe in the future people will be less stupid...oh wait...of course not. Whatever :)
  3. arjunyg

    More efficient protocol

    Lag checklist: CPU usage - If this is the problem...you're screwed, get hosting or a new computer Memory usage - If this is the problem, get hosting or a new computer Network Usage (compare system/router stats with result from http://speedtest.net) - buy better internet or get hosting edit: also check the disk transfer speed and compare it with how much is being used. edit two: To comment on the idea of a better protocol: The idea proposed is a little strange / unwieldy, because the client and the server would both end up doing more work than they need to, checking changed blocks etc. But one thing that is crucial in terms of network usage, are entity movement packets. They eat bandwidth like you wouldn't believe (my tests/research confirm that in case you're skeptical). A way to fix this would to have the server updates less frequently for entities that are too far away to be observed, or to compound multiple updates into one packet, therefore reducing the traffic required for TCP verifications of packets. Anyway that what I've come across in my personal experience with coding clients, etc. MOD EDIT: Stop reporting this post there is some good information here.
  4. arjunyg

    Client Error

    Debugging suggestion: http://visualvm.java.net/
  5. arjunyg

    NBT fun

    There are a variety of resources on the internet that can help you with this. (Google is your friend) Here are a few libraries that I have bookmarked for my use: https://github.com/manearrior/mNBT (C++) https://github.com/ljfa-ag/libnbtplusplus (C++) https://github.com/FliPPeh/cNBT © https://github.com/twoolie/NBT (Python) http://jnbt.sourceforge.net/ (Java) Resources: https://github.com/udoprog/c10t/blob/master/docs/NBT.txt http://wiki.vg/NBT (this one contains documentation as well as links to a whole bunch more libraries in PHP, Ruby, etc. - but I've never used them myself)
  6. arjunyg

    Minecraft Snapshot 12w38a - 1.4 Pre-Release Update

    All we need is every single damn bug removed. I don't want to see a bat or a witch or any new features if it means everything is bugged to hell and back 100% of the time. Hey Jeb, How about you stop fucking with useless shit and be a responsible dev like the bukkit devs are and fix all the bugs. not just 1 or 2, but ALL the bugs, then you can go back to making people hate you. ps: trying so hard not to minimod! cannot stand it nooooo.
  7. arjunyg

    Dear Fuckee, my lawyer said I should tell you this.

    jeez...calm the fuck down. its a typo. also...if dotlizard is girl. thats cool too. then i wouldn't have to be gay. :D
  8. arjunyg

    Dear Fuckee, my lawyer said I should tell you this.

    I would totally have sex for you...I don't care if that makes me gay, your invention of the word "fuckee" is so unbelievably attractive I would do you any time anywhere.
  9. arjunyg

    Dear Fuckee, my lawyer said I should tell you this.

    fuck...I laughed...i tried so hard...fuckee is my new favorite word.
  10. arjunyg

    I'm one lucky son of a bitch.

    Wow you are lucky! (except not because you have now been cursed by the microsoft gods -> GET DEBIAN) Also I just realized I have adobe cs5 master collection for free, which is awesome (~$3000).
  11. arjunyg

    One Year On These Forums -- 25 Shades of Niiyu

    wait...20 years old...loves alcohol...lol thats illegal in the US...XD anyway, congrats on 1 year! also, California is awesome! (I live there too!)
  12. Hint hint, where else do you see a block rendered in 3D in a GUI? Oh yeah maybe when you have a block in your inventory. Well all you need to do is call that function and apply a little glRotatef and BOOM decent phoenixlab gui has now been copied by a skid.
  13. arjunyg

    Open port program/website

    heh, not everyone uses for their internal network.
  14. arjunyg

    Open port program/website

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=online+port+scanner note that these won't detect ports as open unless there are programs listening on the ports. What you should do is go to your router config and see what ports are open...?
  15. arjunyg

    College advice

    thanks for the advice guys! also, what the fuck did I do wrong in my OP to deserve -3 rep......?