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  1. Lwohar

    A Griefer's Take on Griefing

    I don't normally reply to threads like this, but for you I will make an exception. With regards to your first point in your little C and V "speech" I fail to see in what instance griefing can be seen as "art" as he puts it. The fact of the matter is that whilst you may get a thrill out of destroying a large house but you seem to completely forget the reaction of the builder of that said house, for example if it is a server with large structures and no protection (precious few that there are left) and you demolish a large structure, the builder of the structure will log back on and see the ruin, or the empty space with a sign saying stuff like "trololol u just got griefed" there is no way that the builder will not feel sadness, frustration and anger towards the people that thought that it would be a "thrill" to take down his work. The second point that I would like to make is that you seem to make a clear distinction between, and this will sound ridiculous I know, between greifers and "griefers" because you seem to think that there is a line between the proper griefers who "do it for the (artistic) thrill" and the griefers who get their tools and think, "I wanna destroy this house" because let me assure you, there is no difference, there is no line between your ridiculous concept of griefing as an art and griefing for the purpose of destruction for your own amusement, I accept that there may be an art in convincing the Admins to leave you alone, or to use wit and cunning to place the blame on another player but in the actual execution of the grief itself there is no art, there is just trying to destroy as much as you can before you get caught. I fail to see the "art" in that. The final point that I wish to put forward is that you yourself do not believe in the concept either. You mention this in your third point "Then you must edit the footage to your liking, upload it, and prepare for the probable shitstorm that was your comment section" This implies that you know that what you have done will irritate people and you don't care, this also shows that you in fact contradict yourself in your own post where you say that "is that what it is ALL about? Just pissing people off? For EVERYONE? The answer, I am so glad you asked, is no." The mere act of griefing means that you are trying to piss people off, to get a reaction that you can record for your own amusement, if this did not happen and the server rolled back and you were banned as a result, then you would in all likelihood find another server that you can grief and, you guessed it, piss people off.
  2. Lwohar

    Best/Fun LoL matches

    Needless to say, Akali did not have a fun time in mid. (edit: picture does not seem to want to attach or load up)
  3. Qapla' to you my good friend.
  4. I am bit weird when it comes to music when playing games, normally I like to listen to long classical symphonies from composers like Tchaikovsky or Beethoven.This is normally because a whole symphony lasts about as long as the average game of LOL.
  5. Lwohar

    Spoil a game without saying what game it is

    You are build up over two epic games to fight a final fight, then only to find that you can only end it in three different colored explosions regardless of your choices before.
  6. Lwohar

    Favorite LoL champ?

    Im a relatively new LOL player but I do like Tryndamere, for the simple reason that 1. he excels at chasing fleeing people. 2, you do not have to worry about spell casting as he rely's largely on autoattacks. 3. If you build him for attack speed, crit chance, damage and life steal, he becomes a very effective jungler and ganker. 4. his Ult is very useful for escaping or outsustaining people.
  7. Lwohar


    Just out of interest here OP. Minecraft is a sandbox game right? A game where there is was no predefined objective (Enderdragon and Wither). A game where you decide what do do and what to make. So if your descision is to build a massive one million block castle thats up to you, inversly if it's your descision to take it apart with a wooden shovel then thats also up to you. The point is that there will always be the greifers and the spammers and the crashers even if Team Avolition was not formed and did not greif servers, in all likelyhood there would be another team in it's place. I also object to the point that Team Avolition is the sole cause of the griefing in minecraft, just because they are the team with the largest profile does not mean that it is the only team out there with a fanbase. Finally I would also like to point out that greifing is only really a major problem if the server owner has been a bit of a derp and not installed the correct plugins, all it takes is a maximum of about 5 to eliminate most conventional greifing as anyone who has been greifed on a server with those plugins can simply put in a call to the resident admin and have the damaged rolled back, it takes about 5 seconds to do so. To conclude MW I think that you have been a bit rash in your judgement in creating this thread without spending some time to research your point before creating this thread and the subsequent argument to follow through.
  8. Lwohar

    musical instruments

    As you can guess from my avatar I play cello and have done so for 11 years. I also play double bass and piano. I mostly play in classical orchestra's.
  9. Lwohar

    Runescape: You suck at it

    Welp, runescape has changed for the better, by going back to old times. A few weeks ago they brought back the old 07 servers separate from the main game and everyone is reset. I'm currently just basking in the nostalgia of it all and actually bothering to get the non combat related skills to a decent level early on this time.
  10. Lwohar


    Granted but now the mojave desert is as cold as an Antartic winter 24/7 365 days a year I wish that I could control the weather in all areas of the world perfectly.
  11. Lwohar

    Krysk you should totally do this.

    What is the point of trying to troll in the first place? also sorry for double post.
  12. Lwohar

    Krysk you should totally do this.

    This I think pretty much sums this up