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  1. Pops in occasionally.

  2. Cytomek

    DMX the Tank

    Found this online while surfing the internet. Thought it'd be cool to share it. Thomas the Train: the realest gangster around.
  3. Cytomek

    Google Nose

    I showed this to my teacher, and she thought it was real. lol What if, the prank we all thought was fake, was actually real. Which is the actual prank. PRANK WITHIN' A PRANK.
  4. Cytomek

    Bob is Nothing

    Happy April Fools! A depressed website? This is exactly what this is, strangely calming, this website makes life more valuable. Bob, the little stick figure that inhabits the website is, well... nothing. He is nothing, having no legs to walk, air to breathe (not that he has any internal organs or anything) etc. etc. But what is even more surprising is that he has come to the terms of being nothing and embraced it. He is putting his life potential into being nothing, which is the most he can be. The point of the website (or from what I am getting from it) is to live to your fullest potential. I felt inspired. Bob will become the next free world's leader, uniting everyone. lol Website: http://www.bobisnothing.com/
  5. Cytomek

    Pokemon X and Y

    Pokemon X and Y is the new Generation VI game made for Nintendo 3DS. It is said the release date will be sometime in October this year. I personally am not sure if this game will be good or bad, mostly because I like Pokemon a whole lot, but I've noticed a recent decrease over the last few generations and people are starting to head back in the the first few Generations. The game will have full 3D gameplay and will also have more Pokemon. Like all the other games, this one will be paired (Pokemon X and Pokemon Y). The name is most likely inspired by the legendary Pokemon in the game. Tell me what you think. The 3 starter Pokemon:
  6. Cytomek

    Newtown, CT School Shooting

    Sometimes I wonder what humanity has come to and where it's going. I look of TV and it's polluted with garbage. I see how people act and think they have no self respect. It saddens me to no extent.
  7. Cytomek

    Ace of Spades

    This is not the Ace of Spades I known T_T KomradeCyto is dead.
  8. Cytomek


    I currently own Platinum, Heartgold and Black for the DS ^_^ I <3 Pokemon
  9. Cytomek


    Welcome, good sir, to the forums!
  10. Cytomek

    heyy :3

    Ha! Welcome to the forums lonely traveler! Prepare to be embraced by the arts of the forums.
  11. Cytomek

    Hello, I am Mundang

    Welcome to the forums Sir Pony person :3
  12. Cytomek

    Introduction of A New Member

    Uhm... welcome :3 Enjoy your robot self :P (jk don't take over the world D:)
  13. Cytomek

    My 1st Animation

    Pretty good for a first timer. Of coarse this exceeds my limited art skills :( Or animating skills D:
  14. Cytomek


    I never played the game but I heard it's excellent!
  15. Cytomek


    Halllo hallo! Welcome the forums! Enjoy yourself O.O