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  1. Facebook

    Olympic Douchebag

    It pulled a gun and shot 7 people, fatally wounding two.
  2. Facebook

    Haiku -- Because they are awesome!

    Gayest of them all Also a mean platypus Sirenfal is feg
  3. Facebook

    The name says it all, don't it?

    You have to shout about cacti and catfishes when you do this as well, don't forget.
  4. Facebook

    [Showcase] PhoenixLAB v3.3 Minecraft Client

    Holy cow, that is beautiful. Great job Bluestorm! You should teach me the black arts of OpenGL, I'm terrible at it D:<
  5. Facebook


    I remember coming here a shit programmer and then leaving an extremely good one. Thanks guys <3 Also, WHALECUM
  6. Facebook

    Anyone watching the Olympics?

    No, but I love watching this: http://www.specialolympics.org/
  7. Facebook

    How to add features to client?

  8. Facebook

    Showcase Your Client

    This shit right here. My god, its SO FUCKING STUPID CHECK IF THE PLAYER IS IN CREATIVE D:<
  9. Facebook

    [Solved] Fullbright for X-Ray

    Don't directly change the gamma setting. Do something like toggle.isOn() ? 15f : mc.gameSettings.gammaSetting ._. Why does everyone change the gamma directly
  10. Facebook

    What have you learned the hard way?

    I feel you, friend-o.
  11. Facebook

    Things that scare you

    - Rollercoasters - Small women - Fucking earwigs
  12. Dear god. you should see Aurora's obf'd code
  13. don't put usernames and passwords inside your scripts.. just use a mysql database, and SHA1 or MD5 all password and sensitive information on the way into the database. Or heavily concatenate it to the point of oblivion, so that when it's compiled the bytecode will be like 50 lines long. I've done both.
  14. Facebook


    obviously you go and run around naked screaming I DONT HAVE LETTUCE you're still under 13, you can get away with it