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  1. D4rk_Leg3nd

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    Hahaha man that would be carnage if you could get a client on to that
  2. D4rk_Leg3nd

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    Fair enough, geniunely thought was a dead game!
  3. D4rk_Leg3nd

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    Didn't even know that game was still around
  4. D4rk_Leg3nd


    Included with all the allegations against Trump, SeemsGood
  5. D4rk_Leg3nd

    1 day, 8 hours left. Who do you think will win this thing?

    I am honestly so surprised people are even voting for Trump. Actually, i'm surprised he even made it to candidacy. (I live in the UK)
  6. I don't understand how happiness can be a measure or how you can measure it
  7. D4rk_Leg3nd

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  8. D4rk_Leg3nd

    CSGO Betting

    I used to bet a lot at DotA 2 Lounge but I have stopped as I have realised it is a complete waste of money. Considering that you don't get drops after matches anymore I just gave up. I never really won anything decent anyway.
  9. D4rk_Leg3nd

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    I'm not sure why there's a white bit at the bottom.
  10. D4rk_Leg3nd

    Happy Birthday Dej

    Skype tells me it's your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  11. D4rk_Leg3nd

    I am bru

    *Says in Dej's voice* Sup bru? Nah but seriously, welcome to the forums mate, have a nice stay.
  12. D4rk_Leg3nd

    Team Avo deleted video/private videos

    Yoshi edited the ones that are already up to remove the delay on the videos. He is talking about the ones which were taken down. OT: If you click here you will find some re-uploads of some of the videos which were taken down
  13. D4rk_Leg3nd

    Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce my-self

    It's a Ghost Rider with a blue flame, I believe. Feel free to correct me. Edit: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs29/f/2008/112/e/0/Ghost_Rider_by_kominosai.jpg
  14. I used to get bluescreens all the time. I figured it was just my processor overheating so I got a newer one.