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  1. Hobroski


    The barber can only do ONE of the two things, if he shaves himself (1) then he is also being shaven by the barber (2). If he does not shave himself then he must be shaven by the barber, who in this case is himself. This results in a paradox, for every man must be clean-shaven.
  2. Hobroski


    Another nice one that is also well known is the barber paradox. It goes as follows: Suppose there is a town with just one male barber. In this town, every man keeps shaven by doing exactly one of two things: Shaving himself OR going to the barber. Who shaves the barber?
  3. Hobroski


    "This statement is false." Is a paradox, it counter-acts itself and therefore requires only one statement. If "This statement is false." = false, which it does, then the statement must be true. If the statement now equals true, then it's original "false" position once again becomes true. Resulting in a never ending chain, in other words a paradox. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I'm Hobo. Nice to meet you.